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The Groupon Guide to: Dressing Up Dogs to Make Them Even Cuter

When sweater companies began making sweaters specifically for dogs, the world got a whole lot cuter. Here are some other things you can dress your dog in so that the world we live in remains on top in terms of being cute:

• Doggy jeans
• Regular jeans
• Pieces of jeans attached to dog in random places with masking tape
• Four coffee cups, one for each paw
• Shawl that smells kind of like peas probably because it has dried pea soup on it
• Shoebox with no top so dog can just sit in it
• Upside-down bread-bowl hat
• Tiny cane
• Someone’s hospital wristband
• Necklace of chicken bones
• A smaller dog who can remain still for long periods of time so it can form a scarf around a bigger dog's neck
• Just a man's belt
• If you've read up until now, you've probably figured out the point of this piece—dogs will look cute no matter what they're wearing as long it's one of the items listed above.