Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Minimizing Distractions

It’s easy to get distracted from what you’re doing, whether you’re writing an important essay, solving a mathematical proof, or crafting the perfect speech to explain spaying to your dog. Here are some sure-fire ways to minimize distractions and get the job done:

• Turn off the TV.
• Hide your video games.
• Put the TV in a big box so you won’t look at it and imagine which of your favorite shows might be on.
• Replace the box with a casket. TV is dead.
• Burn your books: they’re just written TV.
• Ask your roommate to move out if his life story is distractingly similar to that of classic TV character Mr. Simpson.
• Close all the doors and windows so you don’t have to hear all the TVs driving down your street.
• Imagine you’re on a TV show where you’ll win a million dollars if you don’t get distracted. Turn your TV back on so you can watch yourself on TV. Forget about what you were working on before; you’re a TV star now and you don’t have to do anything.