Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: the Most Common Dreams

We all love dreaming. Dreams are a veritable digital playground where our minds run free while our bodies lie dormant in soft repose. Here are some of the most common dreams:

• There is a large tower. You climb it. While you climb you hear the voices of all those you have wronged. “Upward,” they whisper, “upward.” At the top is a piano with the heads of all your elementary-school teachers. They sing a song about all the animals you fear.

• You are eating a delightful taco. The meat and cheese are extremely tasty. When you swallow the taco you realize it wasn’t a taco; it was your arm. You are swallowing your arm. You start crying and the sailboat you are on explodes.

• Giving birth to mountain of spiders

• You are a doctor botching the surgery you are performing on George Washington. With his last breath, he tells you your friends secretly hate you.

• Screaming (into the black night, etc.)