Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Controversial Cookie Ingredients

Not all cookie ingredients are created equal. We collected some quotes from frequent cookie consumers about the cookie ingredients they love to not enjoy. How many of these people do you strongly disagree with?

Golden Raisins: Sally Amsterfield of Warburn, Maine, says: "More like golden hate 'ems!"

Chopped Dates: Bill Waxly of Pinoa, Idaho, says: "If you have a first date, there might not be a second—yuck!"

Coconuts: Former president B. Clinton of 123 Whitehouse Lane is quoted as saying: "You'd have to be coco-nuts to eat that stuff!"

Cranberries: Hero astronaut Vanessa Maybury reports from the International Peace Satellite Persephone: "We're running out of oxygen—from gasping for an edible cookie! These cranberries should be called bland-berries. Please send help, over.”

Peppermint Chips: Dave "The Diamond" Reynolds says: "This is the first I'm hearing of these. I guess they could be good in the right kind of cookie but definitely not for every day. How did you get into my home?"