Groupon Says

The Groupon Guide to: Types of Cousins

Since so many people seem to be having babies, a lot more cousins are being made every single day. Here's a handy guide you can consult if you want to keep your cousins straight:

First Cousin: Your aunt and uncle’s child
Second Cousin: Your aunt and uncle’s pet
Third Cousin: Not real
Cousin Once Removed: Cousin who was ordered to never again attend family functions but then later appealed the ruling and was reinstated by a judge who understood just how important family is in today's fast-paced society
Half Cousin: Your aunt and uncle’s half child/half pet
Cou: Shorthand for half cousin
Whole Cousin: Two half cousins standing near each other
Craisin: Cousin named Craig
Cousig: Different cousin named Craig
Grandparent: Young cousin who just looks really old