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  • Zoots Dry Cleaning
    The staff at Zoots Dry Cleaning extracts stains and stress by pairing eco-friendly dry-cleaning services with the convenience of extended evening and Sunday hours, 24-hour drop-off and pickup services (available at most locations), and an automated drive-thru system. Team members clean clothes, draperies, bedding, and rugs with a biodegradable solvent as opposed to harsh PERC chemicals, and some staff are trained to expertly excise stains from the delicate lace and beadwork of bridal-gown bodices. Most stores also have a tailor on location who is able to alter ensembles in a snap. Customers get e-mail notifications when orders are ready or they can download a smartphone app to keep a close eye on the status of their dirty laundry.
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    266 S Washington St.
    Attleboro, MA US
  • Dog Treks
    We are a dog walking and pet sitting business that strives to provide reliable, professional pet care with top notch customer service.
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    93 Downing Drive
    Attleboro, MA US
  • Fun Flicks Outdoor Movies
    At FunFlicks Outdoor Movies’ indoor and outdoor events, sound swells over the chatter of crowds, whose voices hush in the flickering glow of a portable big screen. During showings, the company's staff of cinematic emcees presents VHS, DVD, or Blu-ray reels on an arsenal of high-quality equipment. Audiences as large as 5,000 viewers gather on blankets or lawn chairs, eyes wide at the scenes of romance or attempts to get Darth Vader through airport security that leap from the projector. Hosts can also opt to amplify movie experiences with a theater-style popcorn machine, which kicks out fresh kernels throughout flicks. In addition to motion pictures, FunFlicks’ mammoth silver screens are available for transmitting popular sporting events, including NFL games and documentaries about the dangers of petting a mascot’s cubs.
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    12 Pheasant Ln
    North Attleboro, MA US
  • North Attleboro Elks Lodge
    Before joining local law enforcement and becoming a certified NRA pistol instructor, Rob Curran ascended to the rank of sergeant during his four years of service in the US Marine Corps. Meanwhile, his fellow certified instructor, Denis Donovan, earned his sergeant rank in the US Army after tours in Iraq and Kuwait, and then worked as a police officer and SWAT-team operator. Since 2011, the pair has compiled their expertise in teaching fundamental firearms training to beginners and more advanced defensive techniques to operators of carbine rifles, handguns, and shotguns. In addition to in-depth instruction, Tactical Dynamics Firearms Training outfits customers with its handmade and custom-modeled holsters and magazine carriers.
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    52 Bulfinch St.
    North Attleborough, MA US
  • American Firearms School
    The Range Indoor shooting range 12 25-yard pistol and rifle lanes 8 10-yard pistol lanes The Rentals More than 90 rental firearms Handguns and revolvers of various calibers Rifles including an AK-47 Shotguns including a 12-gauge Remington 870 At a Glance The range and classrooms inside American Firearms School are training grounds for several types of firearms. Instructors here teach more than 20 classes in handguns, rifles, and shotguns?including many NRA programs. They cover everything from basic techniques to advanced skills, such as shooting amid low light.
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    5 John L Dietsch Sq
    Attleboro Falls, MA US
  • Little Folks School
    At Little Folks School, learning happens all the time, falling into one of two categories: structured or organic. Preschoolers (between ages 3 and 4) and pre-kindergarteners (between ages 4 and 5) spend their mornings immersed in storytelling, playtime, and learning basic reading and writing, which naturally fosters social learning. They'll form new friendships and work to solve conflicts with peers in a way that will augment their new academic skills once they start kindergarten.
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    118 S Main St.
    Attleboro, MA US