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An annual men’s volleyball competition, the World League Qualifier pits some of the highest ranked national teams from around the globe against each other as they compete for qualification to enter the 2012 World League. The winner of the European Confederation Tournament—either Slovakia or Slovenia—battles Team Canada during two separate matches followed by a tie-breaking spelling bee. A general-admission ticket grants viewers open seating at Scotiabank Place, a cavernous arena suitable for packed concerts or life-sized chess tournaments. If Team Canada deep-sets its way to success for the first round of qualification, it will host a second round against the 15th- or 16th-placed team and a Tupperware party.

5510 Canotek Rd

Fish Tail Aquariums specializes in sustaining oceanic ecosystems within the glassy expanses of home aquariums. Nourish underwater lifestyles with food and supplements from popular industry brands such as Fauna Marin's specially formulated colour food ($11.99/100 mL), loaded with proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and sublimated sunshine. An array of salt stock, including Instant Ocean’s reef crystals ($24.99/50-gallon bag)—formulated with extra calcium and trace minerals—can support a variety of aquarium environments.

2208 St Joseph Blvd

While standing in Altitude Gym, it’s easy to forget that you aren’t outside. Life-like rock walls tower over guests, brandishing footholds that climbers use to scale up to 45 feet in the air. Climbers of all skill levels put their limbs to the test with the gym’s 50 lead climbs, 50 top ropes, 1,800 square feet of bouldering space, and 17,000 square feet of climbable surfaces. In addition to open gym time, the center also hosts introductory climbing lessons led by expert instructors, 10-week adult boot camps, climbing clubs for ages 5–7, and self-defense classes for climbers who encounter territorial mountain goats.

35 Saint-Raymond Blvd