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Before Art Stone was head of Total Woman Gym & Spa, he ran a chain of salons. His female clientele loved their custom cuts, but California had no shortage of stylists—what they really struggled to find was day-spa pampering and weight-loss assistance, all in one spot. Stone listened, and in 1965, created precisely the sanctuary they were looking for.

The Gym

  • The group fitness classes: Held in sunny studios, classes in disciplines such as power yoga, kickboxing, and Zumba help build muscle and burn calories.
  • The personal training sessions: Trainers jolt clients out of fitness plateaus with customized workouts, or one-on-one Pilates training that tones cores and builds lean muscle.
  • The equipment: Workout gear runs the gamut from circuit-training equipment to treadmills, ellipticals, and recumbent bikes.

The Spa

  • The massages: Massage therapists relax muscles with a variety of modalities, from the gentle strokes of Swedish massage to the spreading warmth of hot stones.
  • The beauty treatments: Aestheticians beautify bodies and faces with an eclectic mix of rejuvenating facials, cellulite-minimizing treatments, and waxing for unwanted stubble.
14280 Culver Dr

No one is an island at Koflex Sports and Fitness Studios, which stresses the importance of community in helping participants reach their goals. Though the studio brims with slick one-person weight machines, guests don't just work independently. Rather, they also get fit with the help of coaches and classes. Every type of membership package includes both group and personal training, and the Koflex staff is serious about helping people get results. Two proprietary group fitness programs, Koflex Bodysculpt and Koflex Boot Camp, round out a schedule that also includes yoga classes and kettlebell yo-yo training. Supplementary services, such as massage therapy and nutritional counseling, are available to move clients even closer to their goals.

2882 Walnut Ave.