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Most Popular Service: Architectural services

Reservations/Appointments: Required

Established: 2009

Staff Size: 2?10 people

Average Duration of Services: 1?2 hours

2437 Amherst St
East Meadow,

Lorry Salluzzi of Soma Healing Center has many highly developed talents—most of them in areas completely foreign to the average earthly being. As a professional medium, clairvoyant, and alternative healer, she helps her clients commune with loved ones' spirits, learn about their futures, and feel better balanced through chakra work, Reiki, tuning fork therapy, and needle-free acupuncture. Gong Wash workshops lead participants deep into the forgotten past to slough away the karma and out-of-date fashion choices that accumulate during former lives. To reinforce their own psychic abilities, guests can sign up for psychic development workshops, and Reiki practitioners of varying levels can hone their skills under Salluzzi's expert guidance.

Many of her clients visit—or call—for psychic readings. Salluzzi prides herself on her ability to see energy, which lets her glimpse auras and always know if her clients are hiding batteries in their mouths. Tarot cards facilitate each reading, but the deck is just a vehicle through which Salluzzi channels her focus. She encourages visitors to bring specific questions, and even pictures and personal items, to their readings.

1991 Merrick Road

One of the nation's largest auto show producers, Motor Trend dazzles 24 markets throughout the country with the latest breeds of horseless carriages and steel steeds in all their glittering glory. Each show boasts its own parade of the latest models, all of which are unlocked and waiting to be admired inside and out. If the sleek, muscular sports cars from Ferrari and Maserati remind you too much of your old job as a secret agent valet, you can also shop for future cars among the more practical permutations of Suburu, Kia, and Buick. Fans of good old-fashioned American size and power, meanwhile, can make themselves look tiny by standing next to the 2011 Ford Super Duty.

1200 Hempstead Tpke