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  • Peanuts Playhouse
    Peanut's Playhouse engages energetic toddlers aged 6 and younger with a variety of themed play areas spread throughout its 4,000-square-foot air-conditioned lounge and 3,500-square-foot outdoor patio. After shielding heels and toes in mandatory pairs of socks, tots can explore pink-roofed, three-story dollhouses along with their favorite figurines, emit engine noises as they steer toy cars and trucks, or rearrange "Itsy Bitsy Spider" into a composition for piano and rubber ducky at the musical-instrument station. Adorned with shovels and scoopers, the patio's shaded sandbox awaits curious diggers and explorers of its grainy pit as several plastic slides invite whippersnappers to repeatedly glide down their descending surfaces. While their young ones scamper about, parents can relax with a cup of Barnie's coffee or harness free WiFi to check email or order spare parts for their travel-size washing machine.
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    1034 Pennsylvania Ave
    Saint Cloud, FL US
  • Christy's CPR and 1st Aid
    Dedicated to healthcare since 1995, Christine has filled her knowledge coffers with two degrees in the healing arts and extensive experience in acute critical cardiac care. Today, she spreads her skills through CPR, AED, and first-aid classes. For healthcare professionals, bankers, cooks, coaches, and pragmatic superheroes, she supplements her certification courses with on-site sessions specifically designed for the workplace. Other, more specialized classes, include a first-aid course for new parents and a babysitter boot camp designed to help children 11 years or older prevent and react to emergencies with their wards.
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    3201 Budinger Avenue
    St. Cloud, FL US

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