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The city of Sturgis is best known for its annual motorcycle rally, but it actually celebrates hogs year-round, too, at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame. Housed in a former post office, the museum exhibits bikes dating all the way back to 1905. Comprised of antique and modern motorcycles alike, the collection includes everything from classic Harley-Davidsons to a 1926 Levis, the only bike made entirely out of denim jeans. Along with honoring motorcycles, the museum pays homage to individuals who have positively influenced the motorcycle community with its ever-expanding Hall of Fame.

999 Main St.

The largest, most complete t. rex ever found crouches amid marble columns inside the museum at Black Hills Institute. Frozen in time, she seems to bare her fossilized teeth at awe-struck crowds or to grin at her favorite museum attendants. This hulking beast, known as Sue, might be the star of the show, but she's not the only reason to visit: elsewhere in the museum, the institute's paleontologists have positioned the remains of outlandish sea creatures, long-tailed land-dwellers, and fossilized minerals.

  • From the Press: After unearthing their mammoth T. rex, Sue, in 1990, the paleontologists of Black Hills Institute entered into a legal tangle with the FBI. But the trouble was worth it, according to fossil-hunter Peter Larson. ?Before we even moved a scoop of dirt, I knew that Sue was going to be the most fantastic thing that we ever worked on," he told The Telegraph.
  • Fun Fact: Sue is featured in the summer 2014 documentary Dinosaur 13
  • Don't Miss: In addition to the museum's dinosaur fossils and replicas, visitors can find prehistoric shark teeth, fish, bugs, and leaves.
  • The Building: Black Hills Institute's museum welcomes guests into an elegant space with towering ceilings and rounded arches. There's a gift shop, too, stocked with prehistoric-themed books, toys, carvings, jewelry, and housewares.
117 Main St
Hill City,

Just like the song, Old MacDonald's Farm nurtures over 100 friendly farm animals. Families flock to the farm to get up close and personal with cows and pigs, horses and chickens, rabbits and goats. And while they can give many of them a few loving strokes under the chin, kids can turn their newfound friendship into a learning experience. In the nursery, they can feed calves and lambs by bottle; elsewhere, they'll get a chance to snuggle with a baby rabbit or fluffy chick. Gentle ponies take guests on an easy ride around the track, while kids board a tractor-pulled train to get a tour of the farm. They can even catch the farm's famous pig races for a little extra excitement without the danger of letting coyotes into the zoo just to "see what would happen."

23691 Busted Five Ct
Rapid City,