Local Services in Universal City

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  • The Studio City Psychic
    Perched in a high-backed Victorian chair, Priscilla draws upon more than 20 years of experience as she peers into the mists of personal fortunes with the aid of colorful tarot cards and a gleaming crystal ball. The fourth-generation psychic doles out life insights by analyzing auras and vibrations, or gazing upon palms in an attempt to divine future romance or past mastery of finger painting. A cerulean neon sign casts an otherworldly glow across the shop, where the seer reads tarot cards beneath complex chandeliers to divine the future of her clients over the phone or in person.
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    12027 Ventura Blvd
    Studio City, CA US
  • The Ticket Clinic
    Lauded by an array of local and national publications, la vie Zen nullifies stress with soothing massages, wraps, pedicures, and facials. A one-hour green-tea wrap infuses bodies with antioxidants from green tea, crushed rice, and bamboo concentrate as its exfoliating properties help skin appear more sleek and smooth. During 60-minute La Vie Zen Signature massages, licensed therapists task fingers with talking down aches with full-body aromatherapeutic treatments performed with a fragrance of the client's choice. The Zen-sational facial extracts and cleanses pores of unwanted oils and a mask gives patrons a taste of the stealthy superhero lifestyle before therapeutic lip and eye treatments send in hydration reserves. A shoulder massage mollifies muscle distress and a hydrating hand treatment keeps phalanges looking lustrous. Aestheticians then pamper feet with sole-nourishing pedicures that groom cuticles, massages toes, and send internal love letters to the nervous system.
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    10624 Ventura Blvd
    Studio City, CA US
  • Kiss Keep It-Self Storage
    Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Jenkins channels his appearance-enhancing expertise into noninvasive treatments and aesthetic services. Under his guidance, a team of specialists aim advanced laser systems at unwanted hairs, rough complexions, and patches of cellulite, or they spread on a coat of skincare products by Vitality Institute, gloProfessional, Theraderm, and Lélexo to treat blemishes. Dr. Jenkins' team also boosts countenances with minimally invasive injections of Botox and Dysport, each designed to temporarily relax the facial muscles responsible for making frown lines and freezing eyebrows into constantly suspicious arches.
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    4444 Vineland Ave
    North Hollywood, CA US
  • Renterior Design
    Renterior Design's ultimate goal is to, one by one, remove the white walls and lack of character from renter's spaces across the country. To economically infuse beauty, comfort, form and function to apartments everywhere. To make your rental space - your home!
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    10153 1/2 Riverside Dr
    Toluca Lake, CA US
  • New Music Seminar
    Student registration for NMS is $95 per person, but this Groupon still presents the best offer for nonstudents.
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    333 Universal Hollywood Drive
    Universal City, CA US
  • Candles by Ari
    To a layman, Candles by Ari may seem an odd label for a spiritual life coach's endeavor. But life coach Ari understands the powerful connection between scent and emotion, one she still experiences whenever she smells an orange?the flavor of her eighth birthday cake. So when she crafts her candles, she always does so with the aromas' therapeutic effects in mind. And during her spiritual life-coaching sessions, she combines scent with astrology, tarot readings, and energy healing to move clients toward achieving their goals.
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    4444 Lankershim Blvd.
    Studio City, CA US