Special Programs

By participating in the following programs, Groupon Reserve, Groupon Bucks, Refer-A-Friend and Groupon Freebies, you agree to the Terms of Use and the additional terms specified below.

(a) Groupon Reserve

Groupon Reserve is a feature within the Site that makes available reservations with Merchants, which may include a discount, and Vouchers for certain Merchant goods and services. Groupon, through Groupon Reserve, provides the reservation program but does not guarantee the reservations or discounts provided by the Merchant. Groupon is not responsible for the service, eligibility or termination of the Merchant or the Merchant’s reservation. Vouchers purchased through Groupon Reserve are considered traditional Vouchers for the purposes of these Terms of Use. Occasionally, Groupon Goods may make available Products through Groupon Reserve, and such Products are considered Groupon Goods Products for the purposes of these Terms of Use.

Groupon may prohibit your use of Groupon Reserve for any reason in its sole discretion. Actions that could cause Groupon to prohibit your use of Groupon Reserve include, but are not limited to:

  • Changing the time or date of a reservation more than five times;
  • Contacting Merchants directly to attempt to modify the time, date or other parameters of a reservation;
  • Arriving at a Merchant’s business at a time or with a party size other than that specified in your reservation confirmation and requesting a discount;
  • Failing to cancel a reservation which you do not plan to attend; or
  • Committing fraud of any kind including with regard to your obligation to pay the Merchant in full for services rendered.

(b) Groupon Bucks

Groupon Bucks” are a form of Site credit redeemable only toward future Groupon purchases, excluding “Getaways Market Pick Hotels.” Groupon reserves the right to discontinue Groupon Bucks and may modify these terms at any time. To accumulate and redeem Groupon Bucks, you must create and maintain a Groupon customer account in good standing, as required under the “Your Account” section of the Terms of Use, registered with a valid credit card. Unless required by law, Groupon Bucks are non-transferrable and are not redeemable for cash. Groupon Bucks will expire one hundred and eighty (180) days after the issue date, unless: (i) the Groupon Bucks are received as a refund of the original purchase amount; or (ii) otherwise specified at time of issuance.

There are several ways you can receive Groupon Bucks. You can earn Groupon Bucks by participating in various promotional activities and responding to certain offers (“Promotional Activity”). Groupon may also issue Groupon Bucks to your account for refunded purchases, or for other reasons within its discretion; or you may purchase Groupon Bucks in various increments on Groupon gift cards.

  • Promotional Activity. In order to earn Groupon Bucks indicated in the Promotional Activity materials, you must comply with the terms of the applicable Promotional Activity. Groupon may issue Groupon Bucks to your account directly or provide you with a promotional code valid for a certain amount of Groupon Bucks. If Groupon issues the Groupon Bucks directly to your account and a Promotional Activity must be validated, Groupon Bucks may not appear in your account for up to ten (10) business days. Promotional codes, valid for a certain amount of Groupon Bucks, are governed by the terms and conditions disclosed on or distributed with the specific promotional code.
  • Refunds. Groupon Bucks received as a refund of the amount you pay will be added to your account by Groupon. Groupon Bucks received as a refund of the amount you pay do not expire.
  • Groupon Gift Cards. Groupon Bucks acquired through Groupon gift cards are governed by the terms and conditions disclosed on or distributed with the specific gift card. Groupon Bucks acquired through your use of a Groupon gift card may expire in accordance with applicable law.

You are responsible for ensuring that Groupon Bucks you earn, purchase or are awarded as credits are added to your Groupon account. If you have Groupon Bucks in your account, the Groupon Bucks will automatically be the first form of payment applied to your future Groupon purchases.

Your Groupon Bucks cannot be resold or otherwise transferred. Your Groupon Bucks cannot be combined or merged with Groupon Bucks in another Groupon user’s account. Access to Groupon Bucks or related account information may not be sold or distributed to others. Unauthorized or fraudulent use, resale or distribution of Groupon Bucks is prohibited. Groupon reserves the right to cancel, revoke or otherwise prevent the issuance of Groupon Bucks in cases of mistake and in any suspected case of unauthorized or fraudulent use.

(c) Refer-A-Friend

Groupon’s Refer-a-Friend program (“RAF Program”) is a Promotional Activity by which you may earn Groupon Bucks if a non-Groupon customer you refer becomes a Groupon customer and makes a qualifying purchase on the Site. You may earn up to a maximum of $100 in Groupon Bucks over the lifetime of your participation across all referrals (“Lifetime Program Limit”). In order to be eligible to earn Groupon Bucks through the RAF Program, you must be eligible to accumulate and redeem Groupon Bucks, maintain a Groupon account in good standing and be under the Lifetime Program Limit.

To participate, refer friends who are not current Groupon subscribers and who have never purchased a Voucher from the Site (“New User”) by sending them your personal referral link (“Unique Link”), available on the Site or provided to you as a recipient of an invite-only special offer. For a New User who accesses your Unique Link and, within the following seventy-two (72) hours (i) registers on the Site, and (ii) makes an initial purchase of a Groupon offer priced at ten dollars ($10) or more (“Eligible Offer”), Groupon will, within a reasonable amount of time, post to your account any Groupon Bucks you are eligible to receive, up to the Lifetime Program Limit.

Groupon may provide various tools to help you disseminate your Unique Link. You may also share your Unique Link via email and social media. PLEASE NOTE THAT WHENEVER YOU DECIDE TO SHARE YOUR UNIQUE LINK, YOU MUST TELL YOUR FRIENDS THAT YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE GROUPON BUCKS (STORE CREDIT) IF THEY SIGN UP AND MAKE A QUALIFYING PURCHASE. Failure to disclose this information is a violation of these Terms of Use and Groupon may terminate you immediately from the RAF Program, disqualify you from participating in the RAF Program in the future and cause the forfeiture of any Groupon Bucks in your account.

Groupon reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue the RAF Program, either temporarily or permanently (or any part thereof), with or without notice. Groupon will not be liable to you in the event of any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the RAF Program.

(d) Groupon Freebies.

Groupon Freebies is a feature within the Site that makes available digital and printable Merchant Coupons, promotional codes, giveaways, samples, offers for software downloads and more. All content located within the Groupon Freebies portion of the Site consists of Merchant or third party content not endorsed or recommended by Groupon. You understand that Groupon: (i) does not and cannot review the content made available on Groupon Freebies; (ii) Groupon does not validate or guarantee any of the content made available on Groupon Freebies; and (iii) Groupon is not a party to any transaction you make on a Merchant’s site or third party site.