Gift Groupon Bucks or Give Today's Groupon

Groupon has special deals your Valentine will love. Treat your special someone to a day of indulgence or choose an activity to enjoy together. Check out our Valentine's Video

Give a Groupon Gift Card

How Groupon Gift Cards Work

You choose a dollar amount to give and your loved one can use that value toward any future Groupon. This way, you don’t have to worry about color, size, or shipping.

  • 1. Click the button below and enter your giftee’s information.
  • 2. Pick a dollar amount to give – that value will be good toward any future Groupon purchase in any city.
  • 3. Groupon will send a gift card to the recipient’s email or you can print a certificate to deliver personally.
Give a Groupon Gift Card
Give the Today's Groupon as a Gift

How To Give Today's Groupon

Let’s say today’s feature would be perfect for your significant other. Click the 'Buy it for a friend!' button and get the deal of the day for someone you love.

See how to gift today's Groupon
  • 1. Click the 'Buy it for a friend!' button (directly below the Buy! button) on the Daily Deal in any city.
  • 2. Enter the name of the person you want to receive your gift.
  • 3. Groupon will send a personalized electronic certificate directly to your friend’s inbox.
Give Today's Groupon

Here’s why a Groupon Gift is better than chalky heart-shaped candies Groupon Candies

Value – Groupon Gifts can be worth double the amount you pay for them. One recent deal offered a $64 romantic dinner cruise for just $32!

Adventure – With a Groupon Gift, you give the recipient a chance to discover exciting activities right in their hometown.

Convenience – With easy Groupon gift options, you can avoid anxiously tracking packages and last-minute scrambles to the mall.

Spruce up your Groupon with a spiffy gift box!

Spruce up your Groupon with a spiffy gift box!

Click here to build your own

How do Groupon gift cards stack up against the competition?

Just compare the value of a Groupon gift certificate to the three most commonly purchased gift certificates in the United States...

  Groupon Circuit City Abbott Labs Builder's Square
How easy is it to get one? It couldn't be easier! It's just a couple of clicks away. Easily acquired, but can only be paid for in gold Krugerrands. Must defeat batallion of genetically enhanced horse soldiers. Will not sell to anyone under the age of 34.
What can my friend or loved one purchase? Groupon offers vary daily—from theatre to food to mani-pedis to whale watches. All the emotional abuse they can handle. Baby formula, Baby Cloning Formula Pieces of wood for that tool shed you're never going to build.
How far does my money go? Your money ends up being worth two to five times more than what you spent. Each dollar is first converted into CircuitBux™ an in-house currency, fluctuating with the value of the Albanian "Lek." Every dollar buys a rejected dog. Each dollar gets you six little nails or one big one.
Will purchasing it undermine American War efforts? No. Yes. Yes. Physically no, but...