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291 N 300 American Fork, UT 84003


A graduate of massage and chiropractic school, Dr. Jared Mangum now tends to spines and posterior muscles with services that draw on his medical knowledge and nimble fingers. Guided by cutting-edge research conducted by his peers and at his own evidence-based practice, Dr. Magnum tailors massages to focus on individual aches and pains. His signature cocktail of deep-tissue, Swedish, and trigger-point modalities keeps stressors guessing as he surrounds them on all sides with plentiful soft-tissue work.

Though Dr. Mangum certainly counts relaxation among his many goals, one would be mistaken to think of A Balanced Life Chiropractic as simply a spa. The center earns the final word of its name from a suite of medically oriented therapies that address chronic spinal conditions. Chiropractic adjustments and flexion-distraction treatments, among others, aim to neutralize ailments caused by accrued tension or winters spent on iceberg-riddled waterbeds. While the doctor arrives at a diagnosis, staffers ask that you help yourself to the office’s WiFi and a complimentary beverage.

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