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Evie Evan’s beauty specialists take pride in proffering a line of skincare and cosmetic products designed to suit a diverse range of needs and educating customers in proper application and long-term aesthetic health. Skin sullied by dirt and defects is purified with the clean pore-clearing cleanser ($26), a mug-mollifying medley of tea tree oil, yucca, and willow-bark that targets acne without leaving the surrounding skin flaky or covered in stickers. The men’s vitamin C face and body wash ($20.34), leaves dudes looking smooth and smelling sweet as it corrects sun damage and purifies pores with refreshing citrus extracts, and the crystal clarity microdermabrasion crème leaves skin of either sex looking soft and polished with help from volcanic micro crystals ($35). Should fresh faces crave a splash of color, patrons can abandon their finger paints and trade up to an Evie Evan eye-shadow trio, which includes a perfectly paired liner, contour color, and highlight color ($19). Or, use a new 100% vegan brush set ($125) to paint cheeks with a rosy color swirl blush ($30), available in several illustrious hues ripe with the timeless allure of earthy landscapes, warm sunsets, and half-eaten watermelons.