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Most meals on the menu start with Shane's barbecue sauce, which is concocted from a secret recipe passed down from generation to generation, much like folktales, uneaten fruitcakes, and the location of the Holy Pail. Saddle up with one of Shane's feastful plates such as the famously meat-melting ribs ($12.49 for half rack and $19.49 for full rack), which are wistfully glazed in "Big Dad's" secret barbecue sauce and cradled in a smoker for hours until moist and tender. The decadent, slow-cooked pulled pork ($8.49) or savory beef brisket ($9.99)—both of which are smothered in barbecue sauce before being nestled between two slices of texas toast—will require at least three napkins or an old bridesmaid's dress to keep your hands clean. Shane's poultry pastimes include tenders ($4.99 to $7.99), wings ($6.99 to $13.99), and a chicken-salad sandwich. All plates are served with texas toast and two sides, including baked beans, fried okra, french fries, French mimes, corn on the cob, and mac ‘n’ cheese. Shane's can also slide a ton of flavorful sandwiches, salads, and over 20 gluten-free options across its counter.