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Rowdy Bear Mountain is home to more than just a few curious bears. Those looking for a grounded thrill ride can hop aboard Rowdy Bear's mountain coaster. This is gravity-operated, following a track of about a mile that winds and whirls down the mountain side. Riders control their own speed, so they can leisurely amble down the verdant mountain side, or race along the slick tracks at up to 30 miles per hour.

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Tim10 months ago

Very fun!

Jovan1 year ago

Everyone was nice, we had so much fun, it was a beautiful day

Shawna1 year ago

This was so much fun and much faster than I expected

dawn1 year ago

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience. Staff was friendly and helpful. The tide was fun and beautiful on a sunny Fall afternoon.

Chris1 year ago

It was fast and nice. I would recommend trying it. If I had to ding them for anything it was in town and would be better if it was in a less populated area like the woods, in my opinion.

Dan1 year ago

Fun coaster! Fast and great scenic view. Price also right.

Ssan1 year ago

We go every year. Our crowd has fun riding the coaster.

Joy1 year ago

Uneventful…. We thought the laser tag was a separate activity. They give you laser guns to use on the ride. Most of them didn’t even work.

Holley1 year ago

As soon short and they didn't space you out enough..then you had to stop or go slow ROM prison front of you..it was so lame.

Guest1 year ago

Staff were friendly and patient as we brought up each Groupon. We rode once in the light and waited until dark for a second. Total blast.