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Thrive Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center offers high-quality and specialized medical treatment for those in the Portland area and beyond. Properly cleanse your face with a tantalizing facial at this clinic. Your health should be taken seriously. For services like dermatology, head to this medical facility. Tired of removing unwanted hair? Head to Thrive Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center for all of your hair removal needs. While this clinic in Portland doesn't accommodate walk-ins, appointments are always quick and easy to schedule. Major credit cards are accepted, so you can save yourself a trip to the ATM. The clinic is next to a parking lot, but drivers can also settle for street parking. Get to Thrive Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Center when your medical symptoms act out and receive the treatment you deserve.

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Janel11 years ago

My initial consultation was informative and made me feel comfortable with moving forward as the physician explained the available treatments, the benefits of each, and then gave me a recommendation for treatment based on my needs and present condition. He was knowlegable and communicated it well.

Suellen11 years ago

The coupon is misleading for the treatment one laser treatment is not enough and that is all that was covered when 6 treatments were needed. This should be disclosed as it is for hair removal treatments. So no I will not recommend this will not take a chance with a laser on my face when one treatment will not show any results. This reminds me of those time share gimmicks!

Sarah11 years ago

Expensive as compared to other medical spas and I was a bit disappointed that the $500 laser treatment groupon i bought only applied to their $350 photo facial. Any other laser service was more like $2,200 and the doctor recommended three of them, each at that price. So in the end, I felt like it was a bit of a bait and switch. I was ready to pay $100 for the groupon, not $6,000 for what they were really trying to sell.

Jana11 years ago

Nice, I haven't actually had my service yet, just a consultation. I think they're expensive but with the groupon it was a fair price.

Suzanne11 years ago

I drove all the way from Sherwood for my appointment just to find out that it was a consultation and attempt to upsell me to a more expensive treatment package. I now have to go back for the actual procedure. When I booked the appointment there was no mention of the two separate appointments. When I explained by situation - had arranged child care and drove 30 minutes for the appointment, there was no attempt to remedy at all. Simply from the doctor, "oh that's odd that the person booking the appointment didn't mention that it would be a consultation." Highly dissatisfied!!

Molly11 years ago

The fine print on what treatments would be included ... Or rather NOT included was unclear and disappointing In terms of value for the groupon deal.

Heather11 years ago

The "dr" merely offered the groupon to bring people in to sell them on more expensive procedures. Your groupon is has no value unless you agree to spend a lot more money.

kelly11 years ago

Nice environment. I was not rushed and all my answers were answered. Very professional.

Noriko11 years ago

If you would have unlimited budget, it may be a great place. However, the place did not work for me. When I mentioned the staff my groupon deal with asking the prices, the staff, actually, he said "Dr." declined my idea and tried to refuse to follow my groupon deal.

Ying11 years ago

They didn't tell me that first appointment was only talking. High pressure selling - they made me feel I can't use my groupon unless I buy the huge package.