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Bath Junkie’s Little Rock branch welcomes crafty visitors who aim to create their own customized bath products without welding together bathtubs or sewing shower curtains into tuxedo capes. Amid a vibrant and colorful atmosphere, the helpful staff assists customers in selecting nontinted and unscented products such as salt scrubs, bath crystals, lotions, body washes, shampoos, conditioners, oils, perfumes, and magical elf ointments that instill tree-talking abilities. After selecting the perfect product, about 200 scents await your approval. A final tint application transforms skin-soothing concoctions into aesthetically striking bathroom accessories. Surprise your mom with a hydrating body mist ($18.50, 4 oz.) that matches her bedroom décor or pick up any lotion product ($10.25+). Add pizzazz to bath time with fragrant bath crystals ($25, 32 oz.) and an exfoliating salt scrub ($35.50, 16 oz.). The fun, hands-on process provides all the child-like excitement of spontaneous soda-fountain chemistry while avoiding sugar-induced headaches and upset stomachs. Every product is suitable for sensitive skin and almost all are paraben- and SLS-free.

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