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Today's $20 Groupon gets you a $50-value MVP haircut at the sports-themed Reeder's Barbershop. Being an MVP at Reeder's (which looks sort of like a basketball court with blue stars painted on glossy hardwood) means one of its stylish stylists gives you a head massage, hand massage, hot towel, and nape shave with your haircut. If a lovely lady making hair-magic doesn't entertain you, a free beer or soda and a private flatscreen with DirecTV access probably will. If that still doesn't entertain you, request access to the barbershop's underground hybrid-animal petting zoo. But the haircut should be cause enough to head to 11515 W. Pico Blvd.; Reeder's is so sure its savvy stylists give the best trim in LA that it's free if you don't like it.