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The White Oak's menu of creative southern-inspired cuisine features farm-fresh ingredients from local producers, making sustainable eating attainable even after your Chia Pet goes bald. For lunch, whet your palate with an order of mushroom and roast-cauliflower gratin with shallots, sweet peppers, and herbed breadcrumbs ($7) or a local-cheese plate ($11) before making your way to a plate of “Louisville” fried chicken (locally raised and organic, $12), a cast-iron-cooked burger (all-natural KY-raised beef, $10), or a vegetarian cassoulet of country beans (parmesan-corn-bread topping, greens, and stewed green tomatoes, $8). Dinner delights in small bites such as sweet-potato frites served with sweet and spicy apricot ketchup and a Caribbean cream sauce ($5) and butternut-squash flan accented with parmesan cream and apple butter ($6). With taste buds tickled and teased, treat them to a stuffed-vegetable platter (fresh seasonal veggies stuffed with cheese and breadcrumbs, $12), seared duck breast (confit leg and KY-sorghum glaze, $20), or stuffed pork loin (smoked bacon, apples, homemade cheddar stuffing, and apple butter, $16). All sandwiches and entrees are served with your choice of two sides.