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The Blind Moose's menu boasts handcrafted fare consisting of only fresh ingredients. The burgers at The Blind Moose come stuffed with their own decadent toppings; the Texas Cheddar Bacon and Barbecue and the Stuffed Blackened Bleu and Cajun (both $8) are popular pregnant meat patties, while the vegetarian-friendly black-bean burger ($8.50) fills its tauntaun's herbivorous belly with a Han Solo of legumey goodness. You can also dip into the wonton-wrapped, deep-fried provolone stix ($6) or pillage a generous pile of french-fried potatoes tucked cozily beneath a steaming blanket of chili and cheese ($5). House-made soups and salads will satisfy the health nut or marmot in your group, while an ample selection of basket-nestled bar favorites such as the buffalo chicken wrap ($7) and the Pier 7 fish sandwich ($7) offer a savory counterbalance.