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There is no follicle too wispy or fuzz too peachy to avoid Rochelle Pappas, Brooke Sweet, and their professional waxen maidens at Wax Nashville. As they like to chant in unnervingly deep Latin during their pre-day huddle: if it has hair, it can be made bare. A sleek visage is easily acquired with a brow wax, cover, and fill ($35), or lip and chin wax ($12 each). Remove cumbersome hair weight in time for the Tour de France with a full leg wax ($70), underarms wax ($25), or full arm wax ($50). Or prepare for a toasty poolside afternoon with a bikini wax ($40) or Brazilian wax ($75). Dudes, meanwhile, can de-scraggle their back, neck, or shoulders ($65), streamline their chest ($50), or find out how the other half lives with a BROzilian ($125). Wax's careful and pleasant skin-slickers will target each area's overgrowth and diligently weed it out in a calm, serene environment that puts the mind at ease. This relaxed mind translates into a relaxed body right down to the tips of each follicle—loosening hair's viselike grip on the skin and making it easier and less painful to pluck out.