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The only full-menu vegetarian restaurant in andouille-stuffed New Orleans, Café Bamboo features a playfully eclectic menu of Thai-, Latin-, and Cajun-inspired dishes. The gloriously alliterative caramelized cauliflower crustini ($5) tops crunchy french bread with a sweet browned-onion and cauliflower salad, which pairs wonderfully alongside a coconut-blended tomato-anise soup ($4 cup/$6 bowl) with assorted vegetables. The sampler rice bowl ($13) is a veritable United Nations of flavor, featuring Creole tofu in tomato and pepper sauce, peanuty West African mafe, green Thai curry, and vindaloo over a bowl of white or brown rice. Veggie and meat eaters alike can get a taste of southern soul food with the Sol Chik'n Dinner ($13), savory fried soy "chicken" served with Sol bell-pepper relish, cornbread, and mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, just like your alternate-universe vegetarian grandma used to make. Night owls will enjoy the late-night menu's selection of fingerfuls of fried favorites such as mozzarella sticks (4 for $5/6 for $6), Chik'n nuggets ($6), and mini egg rolls (4 for $5/6 for $6).