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Cacao Bar and Tea Salon offers refined fare within an elegant, European-style café. The menu flourishes with sweet crêpe ($11), including selections like the exquisite caramelized banana and cinnamon, as well as the simple-but-sweet crêpe au chocolat. Nosh on these sweet treats in order to decadently unwind after saving Gotham from a sinister outbreak of petty misdemeanors and slow-driving grandmas. For a light lunch, breathe in steam from the tomato goat-cheese soup ($7), or try the crêpe version of a country-style turkey wrap ($11), enhanced with melted gruyere cheese. Alternately, peruse the drink menu's vast teascape of guava, jasmine, and Chinese flower teas (all $6). Hot chocolateers can choose their cup of cocoa ($6–$9.50) in European style (with water) or American style (with milk) in varieties like dark chocolate, unsweetened Maya chocolate, or spicy-chipotle chocolate.