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504 Avenue Of The Americas New York, NY 10011


Authentically Italian down to the windows made from noodles and the spoons made from whittled-down Italian spoons, MaximoPino's menu brings the culinary traditions of executive chef Massimo Pino's Italian heritage to New York. The sweetest stars in MaximoPino's food firmament are its gelato and sorbetti cups ($4.50 for two scoops). Dig your mini shovel into a pistachio gelato or cool down with a creamy peach sorbetti, available with fresh fruit, amaretto cookies, and numerous other toppings. Keep the gelato gyroscope a-whirling with MaximoPino's gelato frappe ($4.70) or opt for a chocolate cannoli ($5.50) or any of MaximoPino's other Italian pastries. MaximoPino offers made-to-order pizzas based on a longstanding Pino-family recipe—try the margherita ($9.90) or sculpt your own flat-sterpiece ($6.70, plus cost of toppings) with MaximoPino's 30-plus toppings. Keep warm on a cold New York summer night with a hot chocolate ($4.90 for small) or smuggle your own snack into your daughter's banjo recital with a smoked-turkey panino ($7.75).

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