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Café du Soleil brings to mind and mouth the appetizing ambience of a French bistro, without the stumping mathematical riddles of the real thing. Leave graphing calculators at home, and instead key in to the authentic French flavors of Café du Soleil's dinner menu, the tastechild of Chef Matthew Tivy. The mussels main course ($19.95), served with garlic french fries, bathes farm-raised Newfoundland steamed mussels in your choice of white wine and shallots, fresh tomato sauce with garlic and basil, or Thai curry coconut broth, while a dozen escargots ($16.95), baked in a classic garlic herb butter sauce, showcase a savory use for snails other than as horses in beetle chariot races. Opt for the organic awesomeness of a salmon filet covered in dijon mustard sauce with cauliflower potato puree and braised leaks ($23.95), or tongue-lasso in the free-range, red-wine-braised chicken of the coq au vin ($21.95), with mushrooms and pearl onions. Café du Soleil's desserts dig deep into France's dominating bullpen of pastries and puddings, with the cocoa vin ($8.95), a warm flourless chocolate cake with an orange wine sauce and toasted hazelnuts, emerging as the reliable closer.