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Yoga takes a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to exercise, granting regular participants the ability to simultaneously restore a sagging set of muscles and a droopy joie de vivre. Cadence offers challenging vinyasa-based classes for all experience levels and has a team of encouraging instructors who will teach you how to properly position all possible postures of your person, including Downward Facing Dog, Pensive Panda, and Unreliable Narrator. Get acclimated with the essentials in a yoga basics class, which explores the exercise's traditional postures and breathing techniques at a gentle pace for beginners. For a challenging abdominal workout, stop in for a core blast class, which throws some targeted Pilates movements into the usual yoga mix, or participate in a yoga fit session that incorporates weight training. Cadence's mind-body and restorative classes explore the more meditative, soothing aspects of yoga and will help you relieve your mind of emotional tension to make way for more important things, like Star Trek: Voyager fan fiction, vice-presidential trivia, and your cubicle mate's first name. Find a class that matches you on Cadence Yoga's class schedule.