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The Market at Pavilions builds its lunch menu around gourmet ingredients such as smoked prosciutto, crème fraiche, and imported cheese. Smoked turkey and lappi cheese, the Lewis and Clark of the deli empire, forge a bold path through the sprouts, tomato, and Mendocino mustard of the signature Mendocino Masterpiece sandwich ($6.99). Deli masters dish out salads by the pound or pint, such as beets with pickled onions and artisanal red-wine vinegar ($8.99/lb), and accessorize meals with potato chips in eight different flavors ($1.29/small) and 11 different kinds of house-made cookies ($2.25). Lunchers can bask with a glass of Talbott chardonnay or Byron pinot noir ($8) amid the flowers and umbrellas of The Market’s sunny patio or in its glass-roofed atrium, or take their eats on the road for an elegant monster-truck-rally picnic.