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With a full menu of ethically sourced coffee products, Java Jones Coffeehouse will give your sleepy face a caffeine buzz without putting a frown on your morals. All beverages are brewed with the highest quality ingredients available, many certified organic or locally roasted. Grab a cup of bean juice ($1.85 for a small) to go with a traditionally dressed lox bagel ($6.95) from the café menu and start your day as swimmingly as an Atlantic salmon in a wave pool. Or pair a refreshing glass of iced tea ($2.25 for a small) with a build-your-own sandwich or crêpe ($6.95) for a midday pick-you-up. In addition to serving up tasty tastes by the taste, Java Jones sells a wide variety of its coffee and tea products to be prepared at your autobiographer's home. Steep some red-lavender loose leaves ($2.95) to unwind before calming down with a book in bed, or snatch the seductive French Kiss coffee ($11.95) to turn your kitchen's cold press into your home's summertime mistletoe.