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    55% Off Car-Window Tinting 
    $99 $45 0.1 miles
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    47% Off
    On Location
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    Up to 68% Off at Longevity Wellness Clinic
    Gulf Gate Estates
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    Up to 52% Off at Fusion Therapy
    Gulf Gate in Pine Park Center
    $45 $23 0.2 miles
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    Up to 52% Off at Grooming Lounge Barber Spa
    $21 $10 0.2 miles
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    Up to 51% Off Dog Grooming at Pawsh Boutique & Spa
    Gulf Gate
    $55 $27 0.3 miles
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    Up to 56% Off at AMF Bowling Co.
    Multiple Locations
    $32 $17 0.4 miles
2103 Reynolds Street Sarasota, FL 34231


Cleaning your kitchen and bathroom often results in the antiseptic scent of bleach and artificial pine. EcoMaids uses only nontoxic, chemical-free products that won't harm your family, your pets, your family's family of pets, your pet family, or the environment. These gentle yet effective products will get your surfaces sparkly clean without damaging your furniture finishes or utility surfaces. EcoMaids will dust, spray, scrub, wipe, scrub, wipe, mop, and sweep your floors, surfaces, baseboards, and more. They'll empty the garbage, clean the encrusted Lean Cuisine from your microwave, and fold your toilet paper into a welcoming triangle. Instead of you having to go on an expedition to find dishes lurking under your housemate's bed, EcoMaids will gather and load your dishes into your dishwasher for you. If you don't have a dishwasher, EcoMaids will clean your crusty bowls by hand. Click on EcoMaids' checklist to get a full run-down of the services they provide. Initial kitchen and bathroom cleaning starts at $49.50; add on additional bathrooms for $15 each. For the whole house, cleanings start at $69.50 with room add-ons at $12. For a custom cleaning, get one hour with two cleaning technicians for $50 (each additional 15 minutes is $10).

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