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    American, Bakery, Cafe
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From Our Editors

In Focus: American Pie Bakery and Cafe

  • Specialties: Sweet and savory pies
  • Location: Georgetown
  • Popular sweet pie flavors: Blueberry, pecan, sour cream apple custard
  • Popular savory pie flavors: Chicken pot pie and chili verde pie
  • Where they get their chicken thighs for savory pies: Draper Valley Farms, whose tagline is “No antibiotics, no added hormones, no preservatives… Ever!”
  • A pie you shouldn’t throw in someone’s face: Beef, beer, and mushroom pot pie
  • Things you can order that aren’t pies: Empanadas, cookies, sandwiches, french fries
  • Things that are on the walls: Framed record covers, ukuleles, light switches, paint