Onoir, Toronto

620 Church St., Toronto, ON M4Y 2E4 Directions

When your stomach says it's time to eat, wander over to O.Noir for complex flavors, excellent recipes, and top-notch customer service in the heart of Toronto.


Report | 3 years ago
Our waiter Elias was an absolute pleasure he was kind, patient and fun to interact with. He took the time to guide us to our table and made us feel comfortable dining in the dark. Would definitely recommend and lots of fun for a cute date night! Men take your ladies she will love it !
Report | 3 years ago
Great.very good food and service.liked this experience
Report | 3 years ago
The food was amazing!!! Experience a deffenatley must do.
Report | 3 years ago
The experience was good and our server was excellent. The entrees was slightly cold though.
Report | 3 years ago
Had such a great time. Highly recommend experience.
Report | 3 years ago
Great experience for sighted patrons. Staff are very professional and accommodating. The three course surprise meal was excellent and it was nice to be welcomed to the restaurant
Report | 3 years ago
Amazing experience. Highly recommend!
Report | 3 years ago
My boyfriend and I went to experience something different, which was kind of different, just not really in an amazing way. Place was dark which was interesting at first, we could not see anything just feeling and hearing. Unfortunately the place was really loud with other guests, we could not get a hold of our waiter at all, even though the place didn't seem to be overly busy. Was a Thursday night (maybe all together 10 tables). The waiting in between meals was quite long, we got hungrier just from that. The food was alright, it tasted about average, was not very warm when we received it (didn't seem it was worth the money the whole experience). Since the place was really dark there were no visible exit signs, which was quite a concern as well (not sure what their safety procedures are in case of an emergency). If the only one thing they could improve on I would suggest to make food taste with amazing flavors not just salt and making us want to come back for more. So far neither of us felt satisfied after leaving the place. The menu did not have anything vegan which also was a bummer. My partner had meat dishes, after finishing it he didn't feel it was enough of a portion. I had vegetarian option which was enjoyable but also not quite filling.
Report | 3 years ago
Great experience. Helpful staff
Report | 3 years ago
Love the experience I would recommend it to everyone

About this Business

The Experience

You step into the windowless waiting area, a preserved classic lounge. You order your dishes, and find your server—who you soon discover is blind. He'll ask you to place your hand on his shoulder, and you follow him into the dimming light until everything goes black.

O.Noir is perhaps one of the only restaurants where you wouldn't notice a power failure. The dining space is kept in total darkness so that diners ignore the appearance of their food and instead grow attuned to its subtle tastes and textures. And yet this dining experience also serves another purpose—to help you get a taste of what it's like to live without sight.

The Highlights

  • Service staff, all of whom are blind, guide diners through the experience
  • Diners are encouraged to eat however they choose—whether with hands or utensils
  • To maintain total darkness, cellphones and lighters are prohibited in the dining room

Who They Are

When blind pastor Jorge Spielmann invited guests to dinner at his Zurich home, he would blindfold them—letting them share his dining experience and introducing them to his sightless world. In 1999, he turned this unique custom into a full-scale experiment with Blind Cow, a combination restaurant and social-justice project that provides jobs to the blind and teaches others about the world of the visually impaired. Over the next decade, his idea sparked a new culinary trend on an international scale.

Moe Alameddine brought the sightless dining concept to Canada when he opened the first O.Noir in 2006 in Montreal and then a second one in Toronto in 2009. In 2011, the restaurant was transferred to a new owner, chemical-engineer-turned-entrepreneur Dr. J. R. Feng, who further transformed the rooms of a dark basement and former retro bar into a sensory dining venue. O.Noir Toronto has since partnered with Canadian National Institute for the Blind and other community organizations to provide the visually impaired with mainstream job skills.

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