Onoir, Toronto

620 Church St., Toronto, ON M4Y 2E4 Directions

When your stomach says it's time to eat, wander over to O.Noir for complex flavors, excellent recipes, and top-notch customer service in the heart of Toronto.


Report | 3 years ago
We were a group of 4 and had a super fantastic experience. Sure it's a little loud, but nothing outrageous. Friendly staff. Thank you Dave for your wonderful service. Food tasted really great. Big portions. It was soooo fun. Dark indeed!!! Thank you O.Noir for sharing part of yourself with us.
Report | 3 years ago
The food was ok, you’ll go there more for the experience, which was really amazing. Something you should try at least once.
Report | 3 years ago
Our server was great. But there were some people that were too noisy, so it kinda ruined the experience.
Report | 3 years ago
Very good experience!! Waiter was very friendly and helpful!
Report | 3 years ago
A truly unique experience!! Made us appreciate all of our senses. The waiter Dave was awesome, so friendly and cheerful, it was hard to not feel good in such a dark place. The food was good too, quite tasty. Definately will go back and will recommend to others who are looking for a different dining experience. Great job O.Noir
Report | 3 years ago
The overall experience was truly unique. It's so dark you can't see your own hands. The food was average. It's one of those things you gotta do once in your life. I had a great time
Report | 3 years ago
Great experience. Friendly stuff, great services. Being in the dark you realize how rich you are receiving the gift of seeing. We take for granted all our senses unfortunately. Need to experience in order to understand
Report | 3 years ago
A different experience... you really appreciate your sight. An excellent service.
Report | 3 years ago
Our server was amazing and it was a great experience
Report | 3 years ago
Really great food and experience but I got extremely dizzy and felt so so so sick

About this Business

The Experience

You step into the windowless waiting area, a preserved classic lounge. You order your dishes, and find your server—who you soon discover is blind. He'll ask you to place your hand on his shoulder, and you follow him into the dimming light until everything goes black.

O.Noir is perhaps one of the only restaurants where you wouldn't notice a power failure. The dining space is kept in total darkness so that diners ignore the appearance of their food and instead grow attuned to its subtle tastes and textures. And yet this dining experience also serves another purpose—to help you get a taste of what it's like to live without sight.

The Highlights

  • Service staff, all of whom are blind, guide diners through the experience
  • Diners are encouraged to eat however they choose—whether with hands or utensils
  • To maintain total darkness, cellphones and lighters are prohibited in the dining room

Who They Are

When blind pastor Jorge Spielmann invited guests to dinner at his Zurich home, he would blindfold them—letting them share his dining experience and introducing them to his sightless world. In 1999, he turned this unique custom into a full-scale experiment with Blind Cow, a combination restaurant and social-justice project that provides jobs to the blind and teaches others about the world of the visually impaired. Over the next decade, his idea sparked a new culinary trend on an international scale.

Moe Alameddine brought the sightless dining concept to Canada when he opened the first O.Noir in 2006 in Montreal and then a second one in Toronto in 2009. In 2011, the restaurant was transferred to a new owner, chemical-engineer-turned-entrepreneur Dr. J. R. Feng, who further transformed the rooms of a dark basement and former retro bar into a sensory dining venue. O.Noir Toronto has since partnered with Canadian National Institute for the Blind and other community organizations to provide the visually impaired with mainstream job skills.

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