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Charlie's menu of Italian fare offers a variety of takes on the beloved cuisine of Gucci-gowned gondoliers. Made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, Charlie's homemade artisan pizzas take top honours among the restaurant's patrons. Opt for an 11-inch pizza topped with smoked duck ($16), traverse 360 degrees of braised beefiness with an 11-inch short-rib pizza ($16), or endorse spherical gardens with a 14-inch vegetarian pie covered in mushrooms, artichokes, olives, and more ($18). Pasta dishes include lamb gnocchi ($21) and spaghetti and clams ($19), while appetizing openers such as mussels ($18) and duck-liver pâté ($10) provide palate-whetting starts to the evening's eats. Charlie's mixology madness extends to both desserts and drinks; conclude cuisine-ing with the toffee-and-banana hybrid Banoffee Pie ($10) or toast to 8 a.m. meetings with the Pineapple Express cocktail ($10), a frothy concoction containing Van Gogh Espresso Vodka, grilled pineapple, crushed red chili, brown sugar, and egg white.