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Fab’rik has garnered a lot of praise and wolf whistles from the press thanks to its wide range of women’s apparel and accessories. With the change of seasons imminent, stock up on spring and summer fashions so you don't sport unflattering parka-shaped tan lines. Attract admiring looks with a lace back embroidered top ($48) or dazzle lumberjacks with a pair of leather, double-buckle flats ($24) during flirtatious log-rolling contests. A striking one shoulder ruffle button dress ($88) will give you the power to turn the heads of passersby and sashay past territorial badgers unharmed. Fab’rik’s helpful, fashion-forward staff is on hand at all times to help you piece together gorgeous getups for your life-size action figures, and will dislodge the heads of any customers who mistake a pair of skinny jeans for a top.