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The Village Pizza Ristorante serves up piping-hot specialty pies, calzones, and Italian treats fashioned from closely guarded home recipes that fill the quirky, reclaimed-furniture-filled dining room with rich tomatoey perfume. Cooks forge the Blacksmith Special on an anvil of luscious pizza dough, made fresh daily, beating the pie into shape with meaty hammers of sausage, pepperoni, and crisp veggies ($15–$22). The Lamp Lighter pizza’s parmesan, feta, and provolone passengers melt and bubble atop a warm sea of garlic olive-oil sauce brimming with mushroom and artichoke reefs and aggressive schools of toothy sundried tomatoes ($16–$23). A fresh bread hammock gently rocks tender pepperoni, canadian bacon, and sausage to sleep, wrapped in a blanket of house-made marinara sauce and gooey mozzarella cheese, the edibles blissfully unaware of their impending ingestion as the pizza sub sandwich ($6.50). For a sweet finish, the restaurant serves up root-beer floats ($3), its cool ice cream ferrying 24 ounces of effervescent Mug root beer up straws on sweet, creamy pillows to diners’ pearly or braces-reinforced gates.