Access and Print Your Groupons Online

From the “you mean to say that you had a website in the year 2009 that didn’t have that feature?” department: now you can view and print your Groupons online!

Until now, we sent your Groupons as pdf attachments, which were difficult to keep track of. Now, you can [login to your account on The Point]( to see/print all your Groupons and see when they expire.

What else would you like to see on your Groupon list? [Send us your feedback](


Get Your Groupon at EveryBlock

We’re pleased to report that [EveryBlock]( – the up-to-the-minute neighborhood news website – is now syndicating Groupon deals! If you haven’t used it, EveryBlock provides you with a news feed of crime reports, neighborhood news, civic information, business reviews, and now Groupons. [Stop by]( and subscribe to your neighborhood’s news feed – be warned, it can be addicting.

We’re big fans of Everyblock’s work, and are proud to count the team behind the scenes as fellow Chicagoans. [Stop by their blog]( to see what else they’re up to.

Groupon is Hiring a Boston-based Editor / Community Manager

[Groupon](, Chicago’s deal-a-day site, is coming to Boston! And we’re hiring a resident editor / community manager to help.

If you haven’t seen it already, [check out Groupon Chicago]( to get an idea of what we do.


### Help us find deals

We don’t know anything about Boston. We don’t even know how to fake the accent. You’ll help find cool places to feature, and then work with us to set each week’s deal schedule.

While sales operations will primarily take place here in Chicago, you’ll most likely be doing some sales as well.

### Write

We write a positive, (arguably) funny description of the product or service we sell each day. Good write-ups hawk the deal without boring people to death. Here are a few of our favorites from Groupon Chicago:

* [Kafka Wine](
* [Lincoln Park Massage](
* [Chicago Chamber Music](
* [Ineeka Tea](

### Promote

Help us build our mailing list by visiting campuses, attending events, and using social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. You’ll also promote the daily deals using a variety of online and offline tools.

### Upkeep

You’ll load each day’s deal onto Groupon and schedule/maintain the newsletter. You’ll also run customer service for Groupon Boston.


You must know and love Boston. We need someone who can guide us towards offers that will resonate with the indigenous population.

You must write well.

You must be a participant in “Web culture,” i.e. you have a blog, use Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You must be comfortable in a startup environment where no one knows what the hell they’re doing. Meaning, you make things happen without waiting for people to tell you what to do.


[Email us]( writing samples and a cover letter explaining why you’re the right person for this job.