Groupon is Hiring an Accountant

Groupon is looking for an organized, detail-oriented accountant to join us in our Chicago River North offices. Your job will be to keep our books in order, design new processes as our business develops, and maybe do a bit of business analysis. If you are a whiz with Quickbooks and Excel and have at least one year of working experience as an accountant, send your resume and a cover letter to []( Also, [check out our jobs page]( to get an idea of what it’s like working here (hint: it’s pretty awesome).

Weekly Hints: NYC

05/28/09: This Groupon reminds us of eating Elmer’s glue in first grade

05/29/09: “In the 1920s there was a boat; it ran a lot of rum and stayed afloat”

Weekly Hints: Washington, DC

05/28/09: To be cutesy, wear your Converse All-Stars while engaging in this activity

05/29/09: Spending time at this place is like walking on the moon, but involves far less dust

Weekly Hints: Chicago

05/28/09: Something getting on your nerves? This Groupon offers a nonviolent solution

05/29/09: Another name for this activity could be racketeering — but it’s legal, so you won’t go to jail for it (relax!)

Weekly Hints: Boston

05/28/09: This Groupon offers lots of opportunities to stare and point at others’ whale tails

05/29/09: Another name for this activity could be racketeering — but it’s legal, so you won’t go to jail for it (relax!)

Welcome to the New Groupon Blog!

People are always trying to come up with great domain names. I was too, and then I thought I’d try something different: _why not have an awful name_? Shortly after making that insight, I came up with the perfect name: It combines the words “Groupon” and “Blog” in a perfectly awkward and immemorable way.

We’ll be posting new content every week—different stuff for each of our Groupon cities.

Please excuse the current spartan presentation; we’ll dress it up shortly.

Crain's "Entrepreneurs in Action" on Groupon

If you’re interested in Groupon’s origins and how it evolved out of [The Point](, [Crain’s Business]( explains it all (and more) in [this video on Groupon]( from their excellent _Entrepreneurs in Action_ series. Past segments have featured our friends at [EveryBlock]( and [CrowdSPRING]( Our thanks to [Brandon Copple]( of Crain’s for the excellent work!

The Point Moves Offices

The Point has outgrown our office space! Yesterday, we moved down a floor of [our building]( into a larger space. Here are a few photos I took of the move.

_Ken and the tech team packing up_

_Alex grabbing some last things_

_Nick setting up the new phone system_

_Unpacking in the new space_


_Aaron and Ben in their writing sanctuary_

_Our new conference room_