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As Groupon grows (now at 400,000 subscribers and $7,000,000 saved!), we’re increasingly drawing the attention of our nation’s newspaper people. Since you’re initiated enough to be reading our blog, stories describing Groupon are probably deeply uninteresting… but I’ll post a few anyway.

* TIME – [Interview With Groupon Founder, [Me]](
* CBS Early Show – [Retail Stores Making Deals](;cbsnewsMainColumnArea.0)
* Chicago Tribune – [Social entrepreneur finds money-making power of crowdsourcing](,0,4860442.column)
* Chris Brogan – [Groupon – Clever Collective Buying Site](

For more, [check out our press page](

### Recent Site Upgrades

We hope you’re enjoying Groupon’s new design! The original version of Groupon was a hacked-together combination of WordPress and [The Point](, and while it did a great job of getting us through the first months, we’re glad to be rid of it. The new site is built in Ruby on Rails (still sharing the same code base as The Point), and sports a classy new design courtesy of our friends at [Firebelly](

When designing the new site, we assumed that most of our users were like us – skeptical about huge discounts, assuming that they’re too good to be true. For that reason, we focused on making each deal’s specifics as transparent as possible. If there are any special conditions, you’ll find them prominently displayed in the cheekily named, “The Fine Print” section towards the top of the page. And we’ve added user commenting, so you can check what other people are saying before you decide to buy.

Speaking of commenting, many of you have asked for ways to communicate with other Groupon users… planning Groupon outings, reviewing past Groupon experiences, suggesting ideas, etc. In a few days, we’ll launch Groupon forums, where we encourage you to chat about Groupon until your fingers fall off. Actually we recommend stopping while you still have one finger – you’ll need it to make future Groupon purchases.

### New City Launches

Groupon is launching shortly in Dallas, Houston, Seattle, San Diego, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Denver, doubling our cities. Related fact: people are generally appreciative when you tell them about things that make their lives better. So if you’re into being appreciated and you have friends in one of those cities, you are now equipped with the tools necessary to incrementally increase your happiness.

### What Else?

Right now, the number one request we receive is, “bring Groupon to my city!” We’re doing what we can to oblige; Groupon will be in at least 25 cities by the end of 2009. And we continue to hack away at new features that will make Groupon even better. What else would you like to see?

Intern at Groupon!

Want to work at Chicago’s fastest growing tech startup? They probably don’t want you, but Groupon does! Just kidding – I was actually referring to Groupon when I said, “Chicago’s fastest growing tech startup.” Although that claim is totally unsubstantiated.

Anyway, Groupon is looking for a few interns to join the team. Sure to pique the entrepreneurial interest of any industrious young man or woman, Groupon internships cover a wide range of tasks, from sales to marketing to general office upkeepery. We’re looking for flexible, detail-oriented individuals who are willing to take on any project, no matter how humiliating character building.

Compensation is $10/hr.

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to []( with the word “internship” in the subject line.

Groupon Rocked Wicker Park Fest

This past weekend Groupon had a booth at the Wicker Park Fest in Chicago. We gave away 40 FREE Groupons worth $40 each. Festival goers had to demonstrate a group activity to earn the free Groupon. We had groups doing the chicken dance, professing their undying love for Groupon and even climbing on top of each other to reach a Groupon dangling 12ft in the air. Nobody was hurt-except maybe a bit sunburnt.

Groupie kids enjoyed Grubbles (Groupon bubbles) and jelly beans. The hipsters loved the headband toss and each wore their new gear with pride. T-shirts and other goodie bags were also handed out to those Groupies that were not interested in climbing on top of one another or fighting the crowds.

Overall we had a great time at Wicker Park Fest and it was great to meet Groupies and teach future Groupies about what we do. If you have pictures from the fest or from redeeming your Groupon send them our way! Hope to see you all again next year!

Graceful Lifting for FREE Groupons

Graceful Lifting for FREE Groupons

Groupons Ahoy!

A bunch of us went out for drinks after work recently, where we met Michaela — girlfriend of new Groupon employee Dan Jessup and long-time Groupon customer. Michaela told us she had bought a few Groupons, but we thought she was exaggerating until she unveiled The Envelope. She has about 20 Groupons in this thing, and carries it in her purse so she never misses an opportunity to use a Groupon. She also cleverly writes all the expiration dates on the back of the envelope. If you have a cool way of tracking your Groupons, let us know!


Meet the Groupon Volleyball Team

When some Chicago-based Grouponstumers (the formal term for Groupon customers, colloquially known as “Groupies”) approached us earlier this year about sponsoring their volleyball team, we told them we’d do it — but they must be vicious killers. They must cheat and bite their way to the top. They must desecrate the competition, resorting to personal smears if necessary. Or, they must wear our schwag.

“Spiked Punch” are currently in 37th place with 2 wins and 3 losses, and while fans are blaming it on their poor choice of a sponsor, we know that if they’d just taken our advice and bitten more people, they would have an undefeated record — even if that meant getting disqualified in the first game. [Check out their schedule]( if you’re in Chicago and you’d like to catch one of their two final games.