New On Groupon: Tweets Around Town

Groupon exists for two reasons: to create serums that increase its employees’ heights and to give our subscribers all the motivation they need to go out and try something new in their city. Now that all Groupon employees are well over nine-and-half-feet tall, we’re happy to start providing even more local content from local writers who focus on what’s happening in their ‘hoods. We’re calling it “Tweets Around Town,” because all of our writers are tired.

We’ll be featuring Tweeters who write about experiences that can only be had in their hometown—dance parties, gallery openings, Bronson Pinchot impersonation conventions—right on the front page of Groupon. We’ve got a limited number of slots, so if that sounds like you, or you know someone who tweets about local events, [drop us a line]( Groupon is always looking for new ways to expose our readers to dangerous amounts of local activities, because houses are boring and should be left as often as possible.


October's Photo Contest Winner

October Photo Contest Winner

With our monthly photo contest in full swing, we’re seeing some great examples of Groupons in action! This month, Danica Duensing caught our eye with this shot at [Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum]( in Hollywood, CA with “Wolverine.”

Danica told us:

> I bought the Groupons for Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum because my brother and sister-in-law were coming into town from Wisconsin. My boyfriend, me, my brother and sister-in-law went, and we had a great time! I’m glad Madame Tussaud’s decided to partner with Groupon, because now that we know how much fun the wax museum is, we’ll definitely be going back!

Danica won $100 in Groupon credit to spend on more exciting adventures. Send your entries to [](, and make sure to include the Groupon in your picture to be eligible!

We might not "get" modern art–

–but that doesn’t stop us from making our own. After this week’s visit to St. Louis’ own Contemporary Art Museum we felt inspired to start the Groupon Cafeteria Museum of Contemporary Mind-Blowing Statements About Society. The following exhibits are currently on display (no passes or vouchers):

  • Black and White Slow-Motion Film Loop of Girls in White Dresses Jump Roping Suggests Something Or Other About Innocence (8mm film)
  • Dennis Has a Lot of Opinions About Modern Gender Roles/Let’s Listen To Dennis For a While (Installation)
  • 1000 Paper Cranes Containing Desperate Pleas From Americans Kept in Secret Underwater Prisons (Paper, squid ink)
  • Hella Butts (Oil paint on canvas)
  • Perfectly Preserved Killer Whale Suspended In Blue-Raspberry Gelatin—Holy Hell, I Just Saw It Blink (Whale, gelatin, and whale-gelatin)
  • Thanks for helping us win a matching grant for the Chicago Food Bank!

    Last week, we asked our customers to [help the Chicago Food Depository feed families in need]( If donations reached $5,000 by the end of Halloween (or as the Druids called it, “Administrative Assistant’s Day”), Jim and Kay Mabie and Anne and Brent Peterson promised to match the donation. If we didn’t reach $5,000, our plan was to egg all of your houses.

    Well, we are delighted to announce that you generous gentlefolk made it happen and then some. After just two days, the total came to $5,060, so the Chicago Food Depository will be receiving $10,120. That’s enough to feed 40,000 people this holiday season. Just this past year, the Food Depository distributed over 58 million pounds of food to half a million families, children, seniors, and other needy people all over the country.

    Thanks to everyone who donated! We hope you’ll continue to support the Food Depository throughout this holiday season and beyond. Almost 90,000 people rely on the Food Depository for food every week, so they can always use your help.