Groupon Mobile

About a month ago we announced the acquisition of, to super charge our efforts to make it really easy for you to buy Groupons and take them with you on any mobile phone.

Starting today you can download a revamped version of our iPhone app.  We have made it faster, eliminated the crashes that some of you have been reporting and setup a foundation that will allow us to add new features quickly.  Also by popular demand, you can now view side/nearby deals from the “More” button on the deal page and use your Groupons when offline.

We are working on adding tons of new features to the iPhone app- everything from the ability to purchase Groupon’s as gifts, to using your G’s and browsing discussion forums.  We would love your input- post your comments on what you would like to see.  For you non-iPhone users- we have some great stuff in the works- so stay tuned!

Abbey Road (Vinyl)

Kathy D. of Nora Springs, IA
is the new owner of this vinyl copy of Abbey Road by The Beatles. Generally considered one of the greatest albums of all time, Abbey Road features classic songs like Come Together, Something, and Oh Darling. Side two is a medley of song fragments edited together in suite form and perfectly suited for listening on a record player.

Pogo Stick

We’re sending Laurie W. of Campbell, CA this spring-powered pogo stick. The Super Pogo 1505 is made for extreme jumping.  It features heavy-duty metal construction and is designed for riders weighing from 120 to 210 pounds. Have fun Laurie!

Flip Camcorder

Now, Onica M. of Laurel, MD can document her Groupon outings with this Flip Ultra Camcorder. This easy-to-use, pocket-sized camcorder features one-touch recording, a large 2-inch color LCD screen for play back and a convenient flip-out USB arm that plugs directly into your computer to launch FlipShare software. Congratulations Onica!


I recently read in a business book that the secret of great companies is **not trying to please everyone** – you’ll more likely end up pleasing no one. You’re better off perfecting the experience for a more narrow audience. Since we want to be THE BEST company, we are now implementing the Platonic ideal of that advice by introducing a new program that is perfect for exactly one person.

_G-oodies_ (pronounced “Gah” – _pause_ – “oodies”) is a new part of [Groupon Rewards]( where every day, we mail a highly specific item to one lucky customer. It could be a [cat tree](, a [tie and socks set](, or [all six seasons of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys]( – you never know.

Make no mistake – G-oodies aren’t just things our employees have laying around. Each G-oodie is hand-picked and ordered by our staff with the intent of addressing a very particular need and making someone really really happy.

Unfortunately, we haven’t received feedback from most G-oodie recipients, but we did receive this email from Candice T., the lucky winner of an [autoharp](

> * “Seriously?! What am I supposed to do with an autoharp? I mean if you had sent me something like flowers, tiramisu cheesecakes from The Chesecake Factory, or a boy named Ian, then perhaps, I could have figured out something to do with them. An autoharp? Seriously? Am I allowed to donate it?” – Groupon Rewards Member C.W. Tam

It’s true: the problem with mailing a random person something extremely specific is that not every match will be made in heaven.

But if only once in the next year we manage to give something to someone that is eerily tuned to their deepest desires, we’ll have done our job. For this very reason, I carried a 4 D Cell Maglite in my backpack for my entire junior year of high school. “Darn, I dropped my pencil under teacher’s desk! I’ll tell you Andrew, if only I had a flashlight.” “No problem!” “WOAH! HOW LUCKY I AM THAT YOU HAVE THAT!!!” (unfortunately this fantasy never came to fruition, but the dream helped me make it through that year.)

Go ahead and [browse the complete list of G-oodies]( And the next time you buy a Groupon, remember that it could mean a [dental mouth guard]( is in your future.

Sharing Groupons with Facebook Friends

Groupon is all about discovering cool things in your city. Now, we’re making it even easier to get your friends involved. Whenever you buy a Groupon, you’ll have the option to share that purchase on your Facebook wall and right on the Groupon deal page.

It’s easier than ever to show off your adventurous skydiving plans or organize a group outing to a hip new restaurant. Enable Facebook Connect then click the “share” box on the Groupon checkout page to show your friends what you’re up to.

If you want a surprise gift to remain a secret or just want to keep your bikini wax to yourself, that’s okay too — you can choose whether or not to share each individual purchase you make from Groupon. The things you choose to share will only be seen by your Facebook friends.

To connect to Facebook, look for the button. You can manage your Facebook connection and Groupon sharing preferences from your My Account page.

Electric Blanket

Alica U. of Warrenville, IL. will be saving 10% on her energy bill this year thanks to her new Sunbeam Queen Box Pattern Premium Heated Electric Warming Blanket. It’s America’s #1 Electric Warming Blanket!  StyleSmart Digital Control has 10 warming settings for personalized comfort, a backlit display and 10-hour auto-off provide extra convenience.

Builders Rig Tool Belt

Chad B. of Irving, TX will finally have a convenient place to keep his tools thanks to this Bucket Boss 55033 Builders Rig Tool Belt. The Bucket Boss is constructed of durable Anso-tex nylon, features reversed taper pockets, removable pouches, and a quick release buckle.  Congratulations Chad.

50th Anniversary Etch-A-Sketch

Kathryn H. from Alexandria, VA will be drawing stairs in style with this 50th Anniversary Signature Edition Etch A Sketch. This special collector’s item features a red metallic frame, bronze screen, gold decorative knobs and embossed signature of inventor Andre Cassagnes.

Groupon Service Day with Christopher House

Dance dance dance!

Click to enlarge...

The Groupon team just can’t sit still. This past Saturday we embarked on our second Service Day of 2010, supporting Christopher House’s annual Dance-a-thon for toddlers, youth and adults alike. This year’s theme was ‘Dance Your Dreams’, and the Groupon crew represented in full force with costumes ranging from European soccer (or football) players, to superheroes, to aerobics instructors. We cheered on participants, painted faces, facilitated arts and crafts activities, helped serve food, decorate, and collectively helped Christopher House raise close to $6K in 6 hours! Fantastic!**

If you missed our first Service Day last March, we focused our efforts on a Community Center in North Rogers Park, known for providing free ESL classes to a mainly refugee population, and for their Violence Prevention After School program for neighborhood children and youth. Our more artistic employees provided some Groupon flair to the Center’s Community Room, main entrance, and library, while the green-thumbed staffers planted and the rest of us reorganized storage closets and cleaned the nursery and computer lab. Not bad for 4 hours worth of work on a Sunday 😉

Stay tuned for details on our next Service Day in coming months…

*Thanks to Pawan Bhardwaj for organizing and Lindsay Verstegen for the photos!