I’m excited to announce that Groupon has come together with Tencent Collaboration Fund and Yunfeng Capital to launch []( in China! As the pioneer of the space and the market leader in over 40 countries, we’re pleased to share our learnings with the GaoPeng team and bring a Groupon-quality customer and merchant local e-commerce experience to Mainland China.

We look forward to working with Tencent Collaboration Fund and Yunfeng Capital to deliver unbeatable deals from top local businesses, starting in Beijing and Shanghai this March!

Gathering No Moss

Shaun works in our editorial department and elaborates on the mobile tendencies of a Groupon employee.

I’ve been with Groupon a little longer than a year and I have moved workspaces six times. This is a significant increase over past occupations I have had where I’ve moved workspaces a total of zero times. Then again no company I have ever worked for has been as successful as quickly as Groupon.

Starting off at the company in fall 2009, I shared a space with another company on the seventh floor of a building. Yes, Groupon was small enough to be sharing space with another company. Though technically, we were occupying the space because we’d grown too big for the eighth floor. We didn’t even have our own coffee machine. It was not unlike working in a Charles Dickens novel, except without the harsh living conditions, poor food, and lack of electricity.

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Microwavable S'Mores Maker

To thank Leonard B. of Lexington, KY for purchasing yesterday’s Daily Deal we’re sending him a Microwavable S’Mores Maker.  It has all the allure of instantly enjoying a fireside snack without having to start a blazing bonfire in your kitchen.  Enjoy!

Behind the Deals: The Sales Department

In a continued effort to spread the word about Groupon’s culture, our Editorial Department brings you another “Behind the Deals” post.

Groupon isn’t all poems about sushi and customer-service reps with happiness chips in their brains. A lot of business goes on behind these five walls. That’s where the Sales department comes in.

Groupon currently employs four full-time salespeople: Glen (male), Gary, Glen (female), and Ross. When they aren’t busy wearing suits and eating sushi lunches, these guys are supervising their team of interns, who are in charge of making deals happen. Here is the harrowed youngsters’ typical deal-closing process:

Step 1: They reach out to a business they think would be a good fit, or respond to one of the many businesses that have contacted them.

Step 2: They work out one of Groupon’s patented Good Deals® with the owner to make sure it’s a win-win-win for all parties.

Step 3: A salesman and the business owner harmonize an old Motown song over the phone, to symbolize the agreement they’ve made.

Step 4: The business owner receives a contract to sign that says, among other things, that all their future children will be named Groupon.

Step 5: The deal is then passed on to other staff members, including writers and website builders, then it’s painted green and put on the site for customers to buy.

Vibrating Head Massager

Congratulations Rita A. of Toronto, ON! To thank you for purchasing yesterday’s Daily Deal we’re sending her a BodyTime Wellness Vibrating Head Massager. Relish in the blissful, therapeutic stress buster that also releases endorphins.

Meet a Groupon Employee

Though Groupon culture is best witnessed in person, preferably via moving walkway or tramcar, we’ve asked a few of our eclectic, hard working employees to answer a few questions about what makes them tick.

Name: Emily Gordon

Position: Editorial/Staff Writer

Other Talents: I’m a longtime blogger and Twitter addict and have an MFA in poetry. I’m not the only poet here, either!

What’s a typical day like for you?

To rev myself up for the day, I grab a relatively easy deal from the queue (say, about cupcakes). Then I write a bunch more throughout the day–currently, for cities all over Canada. (I’m half-Canadian, so I feel half-qualified to speak authoritatively about our friends to the north.) Often, I chat with sales reps and fact checkers during the process about the finer points of a deal. Sometimes I snag a New York walking tour or familiar restaurant, which is a nice excuse to virtually visit my longtime home. When my energy starts to flag, I like to read Google Alerts about Groupon, which are endlessly educational and quite inspiring.

Which movie villain could you beat in a fight?

The stag beetle in “Microcosmos.”

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38" Mini Trampoline

To thank Lala M.. of San Jose, CA for purchasing yesterday’s Daily Deal we’re sending her the classiest item out there, a trampoline. Thank you for being a loyal Groupon customer!

Getting the G-Team Out

Do you feel unsatisfied? Lacking a sense of achievement? Tires slashed? Friends calling you a hater? Is your license plate KRMUGN? Regardless, get your connect on with the G-Team and make everything a bit better and brighter before heading home for the weekend.

Sticking to our social activist roots and extending our philanthropic reach, the G-Team is excited to give honorable mention to our recent campaign for the Chicago Dance Institute (CDI) . After successfully raising $1,300 (which was more than double our goal) for the [CDI]( we the Groupon nation should pause for a moment and let the intrinsic satisfaction wash over us.

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Wednesdays at Groupon

In the effort to remain transparent, Customer Service representatives Ben and Brandon provide an inside look at Groupon culture on our favorite day: Wednesday.

Groupon Valentine

Groupons are used in all walks of life. Most commonly photographed: skydiving and [marriage proposals]( Both are thrilling with photogenic results.

The most recent proposal involves Murali and Lesantha and the Groupon-featured Chicago restaurant, Zealous. The couple loved Zealous’ first Groupon offered last summer and purchased the most recent one in December. Murali, the future groom, chose to propose at Zealous last Friday night. With the ring in his pocket, he surprised Lesantha during dessert.

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