Featured Merchant: Picture It On Canvas

Today’s Featured Merchant is founder and CEO Bob McKeon of Picture It On Canvas, a photo to canvas, slate or metal website based in San Diego, CA.

With only one other full-time employee and two part-timers, Bob was looking for a way to expand his business by bringing new awareness and traffic to his website. Since offering his first deal, Bob has certainly become one of Groupon’s success stories. Click through to read his story.

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Behind the Deals: Customer Support

The Editorial Department understands that in order to effectively spread the word about Groupon culture it must first be written about in another “Behind the Deals” post.

In recent years, it’s become fashionable for corporations to move customer-service departments to tax-free, lawless islands off the coast of Cyprus. Nevertheless, Groupon’s customer-support team remains in the United States, in the alderman-ruled citystate of Chicago, so it can continue to dole out heaping helpings of English-language support and friendliness. Here are a few other ways Groupon’s customer-support staff goes above and beyond to aid customers:

  • The live, human staff addresses issues directly, without making people navigate an automated phone tree or a hedge maze.
  • The staff bakes and delivers a personal-pan birthday cake to each Groupon subscriber on, or around, their birthday.
  • Many customer-support people are improv comedians who utilize their skills to address customer concerns in the funniest accents possible.
  • Each staff member is authorized to fax real, legal American currency to customers who ask politely.

Neighborhood Week in NYC

In New York City, the different neighborhoods have its own vibe and stories. Rather than attempting to capture that energy with a cumbersome butterfly net, this week—or seven days, whichever comes first—Groupon will showcase a different Manhattan neighborhood each day and offer amazing deals for many of its unique businesses in the aptly named Neighborhood Week.

We’ll calculate which neighborhood buys the most Groupons on its featured day using highly trained abacuses, and will reward the participants of the winning neighborhood with $5 in Groupon Bucks.

Today’s neighborhood is Midtown. We’re featuring up to half off at MoMA and other Midtown gems. Check every day this week for a new neighborhood, new deals, and follow the progress on our daily leaderboard!

Burger Day in NYC

Thirteen is considered an unlucky number, unless it refers to how many restaurants nearby serve burgers or how many minutes you can spend kissing a prize-winning racehorse. Today in NYC, customers will find themselves with several options for burger ingestion all over the city. They’ll have the choice to stick close to home, venture to new neighborhoods for a bite, or tote a CamelBak for an all-out excursion. Below are the featured businesses for Groupon’s First-Ever Burger Day.

Dugout Pub & Grill – Staten Island

Fresh & Fast Burger – Downtown, Midtown

Heartland Brewery – Midtown East

EJ’s East – Upper East Side

Corner Burger – BK Central

Mark Burger – Downtown East

Burger Burger – Downtown East

The Mad Donkey – Q – West

Pub One – BK – South

Fortago Burger Bar – Upper West Side

Burger Zone – Upper East Side

Bare Burger – downtown West

Lucky’s Famous Burgers – Midtown East/West

Should we bring Burger Day to your city? Let us know what you think!

Behind the Deals: The Perks of Being A Groupon Employee

There is no rest for our Editorial Department as they continue to share the ins and outs of Groupon Culture in another edition of “Behind the Deals”.

The biggest benefit of joining the Groupon team is that each team member is married to all the other members. Here are a few of the other perks:

  • Groupon’s health-care package includes free CPR training, semiannual chicken-soup lunches, and access to a take-a-medicine-leave-a-medicine bin.
  • 401k contributions go directly to employees’ soda company of choice.
  • Employees get unlimited paid days off—everyone is encouraged to stay home whether they are bored or suffered an injury while working the steam-powered deal generator.
  • Every Wednesday is Put Your Dog to Work day.

If these perks seem irresistibly fantastic, head to the [Groupon jobs page](http://www.groupon.com/jobs) and apply for an available position.

An Update on Our Support of Japan: $3.5 Million Raised

We’re thrilled to report that Groupon and our customers have donated $3.5 million to relief efforts in Japan. 25 countries in the global Groupon network partnered with international organizations such as International Medical Corps here in the States and the British Red Cross, raising millions of dollars in just one week. This is the power of collective action and social media.

The situation in Japan is still incredibly volatile; for more information on ways to help, visit the International Medical Corps site or follow them on Facebook.

If you’re interested in the history of Groupon’s support of social causes, including our birth from The Point and the G-Team program, check out this earlier post.

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

To thank Chantel G. of Westchester, IL for recently purchasing a Daily Deal we’re sending her the classic fighting robot game Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. Relish in the age old art of knocking one’s block off.

G-Team History

In addition to weekly campaigns, our G-Team recently set up an Earthquake Relief Fund, spoke at SXSW and the Chicago Forward panel. G-Team representative Dillon shares the brief but mighty history of our social action team.

From teen pop star/heartthrob to cute and cuddly animals, take a quick cruise with us from our humble beginnings to a bountiful spring harvest.

Fresh from launching G-Team campaigns in six new markets on March 8th—now ten in total with more on the way—we are unearthing some of our most cherished treasures before the British Museum snags them up for the world to oohh and ahhh at. Groupon was birthed from a group of mystics and hobnobbers who called themselves The Point. The Point had this clever, unique, and compelling idea for a platform, which sought to bring people together for effective group action, thus making positive social impact in the communities we call home. And after crossing this core idea with the modern Groupon reality we’ve adapted and evolved to what the world now knows to be the G-Team.

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SXSW Wrap Up

Groupon returned from a stint at South by Southwest Interactive with a canvas satchel and a medium sunburn. We were very excited to be a part of the festival this year and accomplished a lot in the past few days.

We partnered with the local business, Mmmpanadas, to give away over 4,000 tasty mouth-foods over the weekend. Thanks to all who followed the @Grouponadas handle to track down our location and congratulations to the lucky $100-stuffed Grouponadas winners! Even without the Groupon decals, the Mmmpanadas truck is still frequenting the streets of Austin, so follow them on Twitter to support a great business and find out where they’re headed next. The Green Chile Chicken was our favorite.

With 1,527 guests passing through Iron Cactus’s doors, Groupon’s Hangover Brunch successfully served 2,240 eggs, 3,150 tortillas, 96 lbs. of guacamole, and 18 gallons of the specialty cocktail, The Typsying Point. The animated and talented band The Jitterbug Vipers kept everyone entertained over the course of the morning.

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Official Police Use Handcuffs

Congratulations Paul T. of Canal Winchester, OH! To thank you for purchasing yesterday’s Daily Deal we’re sending Official Police Use Handcuffs. These double lock nickel plated steel handcuffs are the perfect accessory for the upcoming Spring season.