G-Team Video

We’ve always been a fan of philanthropic organizations and ways to help out in the community. Now we can convey our excitement with the help of one of these nifty YouTubers all the youths are talking about on their walkie-talkie texting phones.

Discover and share ways to make a difference in your local community. To learn more, check out the G-Team.

June Photo Contest Winner!

With summer finally here, buffing up on one’s underwater skills is an absolute must. This month we’re applauding Mom Heather for taking her aquatics to an adventurous new level with her daughter Kayla in this fun underwater photo at their recent Groupon SCUBA experience:

Writes Heather,

Last evening my 14-year old daughter, Kayla, and I had a fantastic mother-daughter evening at Diver’s Reef. We used our “Discover SCUBA” Groupon and gave the SCUBA experience a try! Can I just say…we LOVED it! Thanks to Groupon we were given the nudge to jump off the shore and learn something new!

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Behind the Deals: Groupon's Intramural Leagues

At the end of the day, though most Groupon employees fall asleep under the one desk that everybody shares, a growing percentage of the workforce is venturing outside the office to participate in intramural sports leagues. Currently, there are openings in the following leagues:

  • Dodge Ball
  • Capture the Flag
  • Sand Basketball
  • Competitive Nephew Mentorship
  • Minesweeper
  • Small Ball, Big Hole
  • Small Ball, Small Hole
  • High-Stakes Win Ben Stein’s Money Rerun Participation
  • Ski Shooting (firing handguns at snow-covered mountainsides)
  • Minesweeper 2: Mineswept
  • Any of the themed Monopolies: Horseopoly, ’80s Haircutopoly, Nature Soundopoly, etc.
  • Dodge Ball Again

Customer Service Philosophy

Every week we send a list of @groupon mentions to our customer support team with the feedback we receive. It’s overwhelmingly positive and it’s quite a sight when over 200 employees collectively blush.

Not everyone can see themselves working customer service. It requires listening, patience, empathy and a large amount of desk trinkets. We asked a few CS representatives on the “M. Team” night crew to toot their horns and explain their CS Philosophy:

Philosophies of the CS team?

Emily W. said: Be AWESOME, understanding, and work for everyone! Love the customer, the merchant, and Groupon!

Thomas P. said: Treat every customer honestly and fairly as you would want to be treated or better still, how you would want your grandma treated.

Samantha L. said: Always keep it classy, Five-Star-Gourmet-Restaurant-customer-service classy.

Customer Service Inspirational Art

Paul R. said: To provide for the customer that “feel good customer service experience” that sets us apart from everyone else our customers have to call. That our customers are the reason why we exist so they are important to keep on our side. Kind of like a band. You have to make sure your fans are digging what you are doing, so we are there to “keep the experience alive” To  help each other out when a problem arises because we are in this together. And look good while doing it. Continue Reading

Today Declared BBQ Day

Groupon is gearing up for Fourth of July weekend today with the first-ever BBQ Day – a celebration of regional BBQ flavors with special deals across seven noted BBQ capitals throughout Groupon’s Midwestern and Southern markets. There will be no napkin left untouched by a barbecue-kissed face.

To start the holiday weekend off right, Groupon has partnered with more than 20 top BBQ destinations. Deals will offer unbeatable discounts on the unique regional renditions of this classic cooking style from each city’s favorite BBQ spots.

Because everyone has their own theory of how to be the best Grill Master, we’ve compiled a few sure-fire ways to guarantee a successful BBQ:

  • Stir the sauce to prevent its surface from congealing into stone.
  • Make sure to put googly-eyes on all the hamburger buns in order to blow your guests’ minds.
  • You know who everyone takes seriously? The guy wearing an apron with something funny written on it.
  • As a compromise for sullying your grill with portabellas and veggie burgers, forbid herbivorous guests from enjoying the smell of meat.
  • Hot dogs are finger food, but not until after they’re done being licked by flames. Use tongs, or better yet, a carbon-fiber hot dog mitten.

Any other BBQ tips?