Raise a Toast to America's Favorite Pastime

Each spring marks the start of a special season, a season filled with joyous applause, everlasting bonds, and two people staring deeply into each other’s eyes. Ahh, baseball season. Coincidentally, spring also brings the beginning of wedding season.

Trees sprout leaves, brides-to-be slip into pearly white gowns, and grooms’ Adam’s apples blossom into seasonal bow ties. For those not entering love’s eternal bond, wedding season brings conquered registries, open bars, and reminders they were supposed to get married the day before.

To keep wedding season on track, we’ve gathered exciting deals here today to join you with wedding essentials in holy matrimony.

Wedding season brings new love and classic traditions together. Catch a bouquet of great wedding deals and more at Groupon.com/Occasions.


Behind the Deals: Employee Nicknames

In addition to participating in after-work sports leagues and clubs where everyone talks about their nightmares, Groupon employees build camaraderie by assigning each other nicknames. Here are some of the nicknames that can be heard around the Groupon offices:

  • Carol “Human Fax Machine” Williams
  • Ryan “Bro-ver Cleveland” Tanning
  • Bryce “Piece o’ Toast” Harper
  • Dave “Uncle Bart” Packard
  • Frank “Moist Feet” Campman
  • Stewart “Not Inside My Shed on a Sunday Afternoon” Martin
  • Alexander “Alex and Er” Williams
  • Melissa “Hurty Nurse” Smith
  • Carol “Turkey? More Like a Shoe” Hershey
  • Reese “Dave Packard” Stalton
  • Peter “The Good Wife” McMullen

Positive Footprint – G-Team Update

Back in January Groupon helped Positive Footprint, a high school student service organization, fund 13 youth-driven volunteer projects. Recently, we caught up with them for an update on the work that they’ve been doing in their community, and the big takeaways that they’ve learned along the way. Here are some of the highlights in a top-9 list of what their members had to say.

Top 9 Lessons Learned by High School Students Volunteering in Their Community

9. Never commit to an all-day volunteer event without knowing the food situation.

8. Hosting a park clean-up is good. Sometimes what you find in the park is not so good.

7. A 25-foot ramp can be built in three hours with 12 people and an incredible amount of luck.

6. It’s possible to raise $1,000 in one day for a cause by selling cookies, talking to people and a heck of a lot of door-holding.

5. There’s an incredible amount of generous people in the world.

4. Sorting 15,000 toys in the cold rain is fun unless you decide to wear shorts thinking that it will warm up.

3. It’s incredibly rewarding to give to those in need.

2. Bargaining for the supplies needed for homeless survival kits, assembling the kits and then driving around handing them out to folks in need takes more than 4 hours.

1. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference in someone’s life.

Here is a personal thank you message from Positive Footprint to all those who supported the campaign:


David Guzman

Executive Director



FYI: Groupon Recruiters DON’T Want Your Facebook Password

There have been more than a few articles floating around the interwebs about employers asking for interviewees’ social networking login information and password. This is not just a bad idea and unnecessary for us, but also could be a violation of privacy.

As good recruiters, we will occasionally view your public information on social networks to get a better idea of your interests and web savvy, but we would never ask to read personal messages or look at private photos. Be smart and keep private things private and make public those things that will give us insight into your performance on the job, or knowledge in your particular space. As I said, we will look at your social profiles, but more as a supplement to your personality than something to weed you out.

A blood sample, SSN, and ATM PIN number are just fine for us here at Groupon…

Thank you,


Another Groupon Love Story Blooms

Love blossoms in the spring, but engagements happen all the time. To celebrate, we’re sharing our most recent Groupon engagement story with a guest-authored piece by the recently engaged Groupon couple, Sam and Amy (Amy writes in bold below):

Writing jobs at Groupon, like trips to Vegas, are a great way to explore the nightlife on the strip, can cause unhealthy fixations with a spinning value wheel, and may result in getting married. Find the perfect wife, with today’s Groupon:

My relationship with Amy began just like any other love story that involves a pretty girl and a guy who’s such a huge fan of NBC’s _The Office_ that he tries to make his life parallel the plot in every way. I remember coming off the elevators on my first day at 303 like it was just yesterday. Noticing the frantic look in my eyes, Amy quickly directed me to the Inference Room, where I proceeded to yank on the push door like a dork. I can’t be certain, but she probably fell in love right then. I have to admit I don’t watch The Office. I was pretty familiar with the panicked look from new hires, though, and my heart always melted a little when someone stepped off the elevator looking as forlorn as Sam did. Everyone’s first day is so awkward!

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Spring is Back

Celebrate Spring’s annihilation of Winter’s minions with spring cleaning and warm-weather deals.

Spring has rapidly arrived as if unconstrained from a coiled position! Spring, as season aficionados know, is the season most famous for not being the other seasons. Although summer is known for warmth, winter for cold, and autumn for metaphor-laden leaf death, spring now has its own trademark: the spring deal collection from Groupon.

To ring in this least popular season, take a look at the some other famous unpopulars:

**Least Popular President: Rutherford B. Hayes:** Lost both the popular vote and George Washington’s secret love-potion recipe that had been passed down to all prior presidents.

**Least Popular Monopoly Piece: the Shoe:** If the dog swallows it, there will be very little outcry for its retrieval.

**Least Popular Emotion: Guilt:** Legally and morally, you are absolved of all guilt if you shout your wrongdoings into a paper sack and then pop the inflated bag.

**Least Popular Horatio Alger Protagonist: Weepy Peter:** Born into poverty and just as he begins to rise to middle-class respectability, Peter spends the remaining 190 pages crying in bed over a girl who decides to date a different coworker.

**Least Popular FDR Quote:** “We have nothing to fear but the terrible knowledge that for most of us, our lives will have been lived in vain. And to a lesser degree, fear itself.”


Next Step for Groupon Scheduler

Groupon Offers Small Businesses Free Version of Groupon Scheduler

Hello from Groupon’s Merchant Products Team. Today we’re announcing the next step for Groupon Scheduler, our new online appointment booking and staffing management tool. Starting this morning, we’re offering a free beta version of Groupon Scheduler to all appointment-based small businesses in the US and Canada (excluding Quebec). To sign up, just go to http://www.groupon.com/scheduler.

We launched Scheduler in December with merchants running Groupon deals in two cities—Sacramento and Miami. Since then we’ve opened it up to merchants running Groupons in other cities in North America and starting today, any small business can sign up for our free beta version.

Scheduler is the latest addition to Groupon’s suite of merchant marketing tools, which help business owners get more customers and run their businesses more successfully. Scheduler gives business owners an easy, free way to take online bookings from their customers 24/7. Once a Groupon has been purchased, a customer can schedule an appointment in just seconds through their account on Groupon.com. Merchants can also add a “Book Now” button to their website and use Scheduler to manage online booking for all of their services—not just those offered through Groupon.

Managing appointments and staffing schedules is critical for small businesses, but it takes time and energy. Scheduler is designed to be clean, simple and easy to use. It makes the appointment process easier, helps reduce no-shows and cancellations and lets business owners focus on what matters most—serving their customers and growing their business.
For more information on Scheduler or to sign up, visit www.groupon.com/scheduler. Questions? I’m happy to answer them here.

David Katz

GM, Groupon Scheduler


Software Apprentice at Startup Weekend Des Moines

Groupon's Apprentice - J.R. Richardson

Rather than trying to mate an iPhone with a calculator in a petri dish, Groupon started an apprentice program to grow high-potential software developers into entry level software engineers. Eager and caffeinated, these young minds go through an intensive six month program of working on a pet project, pair programming on Groupon engineering teams, and living in a nearby corporate apartment.

The program, which started in 2007, is currently being scaled to take on many more apprentices at Groupon during 2012. J.R. Richardson, a recent Groupon apprentice, attended Startup Weekend Des Moines and helped create a business from scratch during the three-day startup marathon. Working through the weekend, he led his team and developed Eventurist, an event planning site that requires a firmer commitment from those who plan on attending. They pitched their business to the judges the following Sunday in front of the tech community. You can read the full story of J.R.’s product HERE.

Former apprentices have gone on to speak at conferences like the Scottish Ruby Conference and Mongo Chicago, as well as taking on leadership and key technical roles within Groupon. We’re always interested in meeting motivated candidates for the apprentice program. If you’d like to learn more about it, you can check out more information and apply on our Groupon Jobs site.

Congratulations on the recognition, J.R., and we wish you continued success!

Behind the Deals: Notes Left on the Fridge

The Groupon office kitchen is the heart and soul of our workplace and also the place where we keep our food. Here are some of the notes that have been left on the door of the Groupon fridge this week:

  • “Any food left in the fridge on Fridays will be thrown out.”
  • “Please make sure the fridge door is fully shut before leaving!”
  • “Any food left outside of the fridge on Fridays will also be thrown out.”
  • “There’s no reason to replace food you throw away on Fridays with other trash.”
  • “There’s no reason to throw my lunch away on a Thursday, guys.”
  • “Did someone wearing lipstick kiss my sandwich?”
  • “I think it’s totally cool and funny that someone put loose marbles in the ice machine and I’m seriously always down for a joke, I just wish that said person had given us more warning because now I have marbles in my iced coffee.”
  • “Don’t open the fridge, it’s just full of stacked up microwaves.”

How to be Efficient and Successful at a Career Expo

With over 60 companies participating and thousands of candidates expected to come to our SXSW booth in a couple of days, I thought I’d jump in with a few tips to make the most of your time in Austin. Even if not in Austin, maybe these will help you in other career fairs.

  • Research companies and take a look at open jobs. It will be a much better use of your time if you can talk to recruiters about a specific opening that you saw or be able to show your knowledge of what’s going on with the company. At Groupon, we have a number of roles across all departments, so pick a few that you are interested in to see if they are the best fit for you.
  • Travel lightly. Companies, including Groupon, will always have some sort of swag to give out to participants. Visiting 60 booths will leave you with a lot of t-shirts, pens, and shot glasses at the end of the day. Save your big, bulky bag for the presentations and seminars but leave room to carry home all your sweet, sweet Groupon gear.
  • Leave the resume at home. You can bring a resume for us to look at, but we don’t really need you to leave a copy with us. This just creates more and more stuff to carry and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Instead, talk to a recruiter, apply on-line, and then mention that you met us in your cover letter. We have also added an extra source to our application saying that you found us at SXSW. If you want our information and don’t want to carry around a ton of business cards, create a contact in your phone or download a business card-reading app such as CardMunch.

Things you may or may not see at the Groupon table:

  • Free hair styling: #grouponstyles
  • A digital photo booth: #grouponphotobomb
  • Unnecessary winter apparel: #grouponfleece
  • Song circles: #grouponkumbaya
  • Free Tax Advice: #grouponEZ
  • #toomanyhashtags