Behind the Deals: Workplace Fitness

One of the best parts about working for Groupon is that we take care of our employees, even when they forget to take care of themselves. To combat the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle, all our office employees are subject to a mandatory company fitness regimen:

  • Yoga ball/chair crunches (3 sets/15 reps)
  • Jogging in place (1 min.)
  • Jogging in tight circle around someone on an important phone call (2 min.)
  • Sarcastic eye rolls (3 sets/12 reps)
  • 1:42 minutes of jaw stretching (keeping mouth open in disbelief while watching a 1:42-minute-long YouTube of a panda eating a whole birthday cake)
  • Tilting back head to try to catch Peanut M&M in mouth (32 min. or until successful)
  • Yogurt break (3 min.)
  • Detoxifying sweat, totally involuntarily, resulting from terror of being yelled at for eating someone else’s yogurt (8 min.)
  • Cooldown nap (2 hr.)

Follow this regimen at home to become a sexy corporation that the investing public can’t wait to trade … bodies with, that is.

The Groupon Guide to: Mother’s Day Gifts

Since Mother’s Day is a time to shower your mother with gifts while simultaneously impressing other moms, here are some offers to prove what an impressive offspring you are:

At a time when prepping a dish has been taken to the “X-Treme,” these eye-catching Flirty Aprons provide a safeguard against menacing kitchen spills.

Tending to the body’s beauty needs can be soothing and socially responsible with skincare & makeup products from The Body Shop.

Ensure your mother never forgets your face. Display up to 6,400 digital pictures of yourself with the Pandigital Email Digital Picture Frame.

With $15 for $30 worth of Fannie Mae Chocolates your mother can eat these tasty treats all at once or one at a time.

Mother’s Day gifts come in all shapes and sizes. If chocolates or being mean to your dad isn’t a sufficient present, try one of these alternative options:

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Earth Week Beach Cleanup

In honor of the launch of Groupon Grassroots and the upcoming Earth Day, employees are celebrating Green Week by volunteering for different environmental causes. Jade helped out with Groupon’s beach cleanup and shared her story with us:

On Wednesday, volunteers signed up to partake in a clean sweeping of Lake Michigan’s Oak Street Beach in Chicago. Armed with bags and gloves, we set out to rid our shores of any plastic and Styrofoam litter. It just so happened we were blessed with 72° temperatures and beautiful skies, with a backdrop of the majestic downtown Chicago skyline. We were also blessed with some lost socks, a sweatband, unexpired coupons, and a burned paperback book!

Rewarded with joggers and bikers shouting thanks and with the visible result of our do-good work (a clean beach!), we plan to make this a monthly event and look forward to expanding our cleanup team!

Chesapeake Bay Trust and Toxic Free NC

Grassroots continues its week long Earth Day celebration by featuring two more charities: Chesapeake Bay Trust and Toxic Free NC. Kyle and Noah share both of these organizations’ stories:

From hazardous waste to harmful runoff and litter, the Chesapeake Bay faces threats from all around. Seeking to save the waterway, the Chesapeake Bay Trust is working toward on-the-ground change for the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. In 2011, grants from the organization helped thousands of volunteers remove hundreds of tons of trash from the bay and local rivers.

There’s more work to be done, though.

This Earth Day, Groupon Grassroots and the Chesapeake Bay Trust are raising funds to remove at least 2,000 pounds of trash and hazardous waste from the rivers and streams that flow into the bay. The funds from this campaign will allow volunteers to clean up the waterways and protect the local environment from harmful runoff.

Aid the Chesapeake Bay Trust’s cleanup of essential waterways by donating to the campaign.

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I’m at home, biting into a crisp Pink Lady apple. As I do, I consider the satisfying crack of its skin as my teeth sink in and the cool juice splashes across my palate. For a fleeting moment, I feel grateful for these simple pleasures.

Far from my mind and deep in the fields, however, a farmworker cultivates and picks the fruits and vegetables I eat every day, an estimated 85% of which are hand-harvested. Even further from my thoughts is the realization that although this farmworker braves dangerous exposure to pesticides day-in and day-out to bring bounty to my table, she might not have enough food to feed herself or her family. Too often, the very people who pick our food go hungry themselves.

That’s why Groupon Grassroots is partnering with Toxic Free NC for an Earth Day campaign that addresses pesticide exposure and food insecurity. Founded in 1986, Toxic Free NC fights toxic pesticide pollution and promotes common-sense alternatives to ensure healthy food and healthy communities.

If this Grassroots campaign raises $100, Toxic Free NC can give organic summer vegetable seeds and seedlings, as well as bilingual home gardening support, to one farmworker’s family. Each additional $100 raised will provide these tools to another family, helping them secure a sustainable, organic food supply while reducing their exposure to harmful pesticides.

Help Toxic Free NC aid the farmworkers that feed us by donating to the campaign.

Connect the Dots and Trees for Houston

Today Nick and Anna, Grassroots reps for the West Coast and Southwest, tell us about Connect the Dots and Trees for Houston:

I had the pleasure of meeting Deb—my community partner for the Connect the Dots Grassroots Earth Day Campaign—during a recent voyage to the Bay Area. As we meandered through the Mission District and Dolores Park, we discussed a little bit of everything, including the local nonprofits her organization has already helped go green, the esoteric art galleries populating Mission Street, and the micro-climates that reign supreme over Bay Area neighborhoods.

Groupon Grassroots and Connect the Dots are teaming up on Earth Day to raise funds for environmental audits at the facilities of Gum Moon Transitional Housing. Connect the Dots makes green business solutions accessible to the nonprofit community, helping organizations develop sustainable operating practices that minimize environmental impact while maximizing funding for their work. I am super excited to feature the outstanding and important work of Connect the Dots, along with all of the other environment-centric initiatives you’ll find on the Groupon Grassroots platform.

Check out the Connect the Dots campaign and the other 49 fantastic causes featured this week and help spread the word!
Cheers ~ Nick

American author Hal Borland said, “If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees.” Despite their resilient qualities, Texas’s current drought—the worst in half a century—has left trees parched and dying in Houston’s beloved Memorial Park.

Trees for Houston, an organization that cherishes leafy companionship, is dedicated to planting, protecting, and promoting trees in the Lone Star State. A critical player in restoring the trees Texas has lost to drought, the organization is seeking to make a big difference in the landscape with their Groupon Grassroots campaign. If 30 people donate $10, then Trees For Houston can plant two trees in Memorial Park. Every additional $150 will provide Memorial Park with another tree.

Help Trees for Houston green up Memorial Park by donating to the campaign.

Friends of the Park & Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

To celebrate the launch of Groupon Grassroots, all this week we’re highlighting some great environmental campaigns:

Friends of the Parks—a Chicago-based park advocacy organization that is more than 35 years old—preserves, protects, and promotes the use of public spaces. The organization’s programs range from cleanup events for Earth Day to educational field trips for public-school children. Friends of the Parks’ Groupon Grassroots campaign promotes environmental appreciation through a Nature Along the Lake field trip for local students. Raised funds will go toward bus rental; supplies such as binoculars, fishing rods, and plant and crafts materials; and the educator’s salary.

Keep Cincinnati Beautiful is transforming the Downtown Cincinnati’s deserted Findley Market area back into a warm and welcoming neighborhood. KCB’s campaign is raising money for Future Blooms, a program inspired by Cincinnati’s Neighborhood Enhancement Program that helps revitalize neighborhoods on the verge of decline.

Future Blooms uses cost-effective designs to restore identity to abandoned buildings and lots. By beautifying these lots, they encourage economic development and bring hope to an area that could have otherwise continued to decline.

Check out Keep Cincinnati Beautiful’s campaign. If they can raise $500, they’ll use it to enrich four vacant lots in the Findley Market area. Each vacant lot will receive a tree and 3-4 fencing panels. Each additional $125 raised will help provide the same beautifying upgrades for another vacant lot.

Below are before and after pictures demonstrating the major impact KCB has on Cincinnati’s landscape:

Help KCB revive Findley Market in downtown Cincinnati and other vacant lots by donating to their campaign.

The Groupon Guide to: Going Green

The environment is in peril. Oceans that used to be crystal clear are now filled with salt and formerly pristine forests have been overrun by wild animals. Here are simple steps you can take toward creating a healthier earth every day:

**Conserve Water:** If every American turned off the faucet before they went to bed and sacrificed their daily “just for fun” flush, we would save enough water to turn some of our country’s most unsightly canyons into thrilling water parks.

**Recycle:** One man’s trash is another man’s thing that can hold something else. Reuse an old plastic water bottle to store all of your loose glitter or reuse an old Chinese food container to hold all of your loose glitter containers.

**Don’t Waste Energy:** People expend hundreds of joules of energy every day just walking around their homes turning off lights. By leaving your lights on and your appliances plugged in, you could save enough energy to clean up some of the crude oil you spilled in the front yard.

**Go the Extra Mile:** Spend one day every year doing something special for the environment, such as sifting a gallon of local swamp water through your Brita filter or riding your bike to _work_ instead of to your garbage-throwing place.

Interested in doing more for the Earth? We’re offering green deals and supporting environmental campaigns through Groupon Grassroots and CrowdRise, co-founded by Edward Norton. Let us know how you plan to celebrate Earth Day!


Groupon Honors Earth Day with Launch of Groupon Grassroots

It’s Earth Day; happy birthday Earth! This year, the Earth turns the big 4-0-0, and we’re committed to helping the planet reach 401 by supporting environmental Earth Day campaigns. Groupon honors its signature green with the launch of Groupon Grassroots —formerly G-Team.

Groupon Grassroots is the latest step in the evolution of our social giving, inhabiting the charitable exoskeleton once worn by The Point and, more recently, G-Team—which saw more than 100,000 people raise more than $3 million for 500+ projects. Groupon Grassroots is a new way to discover local causes, rally together, and lend a helping hand. Grassroots supporters can positively impact their communities in ways not possible by themselves, including organizing volunteer coastal cleanups or planting an orchard of fruit trees. To commemorate Earth Day and the program’s rebranding, Groupon Grassroots will host 50 environmental campaigns and kick off each project with a $1,000 grant—a total of $50,000 of support.

For Earth Day, we’re also partnering with Edward Norton’s Crowdrise to empower individual activism through the Groupon Challenge. The campaign that raises the most money will receive an additional $25,000 from Groupon, with the second- and third-highest fundraising drives taking home $15,000 and $10,000, respectively.

But wait, there’s more. We’re also featuring a Grassroots volunteer travel experience through Groupon Getaways. For the first time ever, Groupon customers can join forces with other global activists and travel to Zambia with Spark Ventures on two trips offered in July 2012 and January 2013.

Patty Huber

Manager, Groupon Grassroots

Skip the Will Call Line: Introducing G-Pass

There’s big news just in time for summer’s cavalcade of baseball games and music festivals. GrouponLive, Groupon’s joint venture with Live Nation, is rolling out G-Pass, which allows customers to bypass the box office and get straight to the event.

Groupon G PassGrouponLive has always featured the nation’s top concerts, Broadway productions, and professional sports leagues for less. Now customers don’t have to bring their voucher to will call; the Groupon doubles as a ticket to the event, containing gate, section, seat numbers, and a bar code that can be scanned upon entry.

What does this mean? For Groupon customers, this means one less line to wait in. When you buy G-Passes through GrouponLive, you get to bypass the box office while still saving on premier rock bands, symphony orchestras, NHL hockey, and mixed-martial sheep-shearing tournaments.

Merchants benefit from G-Pass as well because they no longer have to schedule extra staff to exchange vouchers for tickets. Merchants boost efficiency and save money while still accurately tracking their customers’ Groupon usage.

Since our beta test launch in October, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive across all types of event. Sports and culture venues alike report that G-Pass helps them kick off the customer experience on a positive, hassle-free note. We hope you enjoy it as much as they did the next time you use GrouponLive.

What would be your ideal concert to attend this summer? Let us know!


Groupon Kidz Club

At Groupon, we love kids. In fact, we love them so much that we wanted to give them a cool “zone” on the ‘Net where they can hang out with brand new “cyber-frenz”! That zone is the Groupon Kidz Club, where you can meet Kidz Club members such as Roll, a boy who loves baked goods, and Pylez, the anthropomorphic pile of trash.

While you’re there, play some radicool games, learn how to help your neighborhood, and listen to the Kidz Club theme song at full rock-and-roll volume!

Not only is there a designated zone for young minds, but parents can also peruse deals they think will best suit their offspring. Check out some of these kid-friendly, whoa-dacious offers:

  • Fill up your art box with all the colored pencils, watercolors, and brushes you can use from Jerry’s Artarama.
  • Your choice of several of the most popular magazines for children to entertain and educate your literate progeny.
  • Recreate City Slickers with a 2-night stay for two including meals and horse riding at Stagecoach Trails Guest Ranch.
  • Talking face to face with your favorite MLB or NFL star is much easier than it used to be with these athlete puppets.

What kind of activities for kids do you want to see featured next?