Behind the Deals: Take Your Child to Work Day

Groupon’s semiweekly Take Your Child to Work Day is a chance for kids to take a break from mind-hardening schoolwork and get a taste of what they’ll be doing when they take over their parents’ place on the Groupon assembly line. Here’s a guiding acrostic we give to the wee ones visiting Groupon headquarters for the first time:

Clean your hands. Groupon’s gears can’t get dirty.

Hide your flaws. Groupon wants only the best tots!

Ideas from kids? No thanks.

Listen to your elders: you’ll hear their bones making noises.

Direct your attention to the crated dog. He’s not for petting.

Redirect your attention to the hole the dog guards.

Exit the hole! Exit the hole!

Never think about what happened here.

Groupon Goes Gourmet

Groupon is featuring indulgent deals this week, allowing you to pamper your palate with deals on gourmet fare. Treat your taste buds and live a decadent lifestyle all within the confines of your own home.

  • Cake Pop Creations – Bundled in cheerful packaging, diminutive cakes on sticks come in flavors including blackberry, bacon and beer, and key-lime pie
  • Chefs Kitchen Outdoor Barbecue Set: 20-piece set includes stainless steel utensils with built-in hooks and durable metal storage case
  • Lobster Bake from Hand-selected Maine lobsters range from 1–1.25 lb., and quick-prep dinner for two requires less than an hour in the oven or on the grill
  • Devo Olive Oil – Online store sources 65+ extra-virgin olive oils, crafts more than 20 varieties of pastas, and assembles artful gift baskets
  • Gourmet Salami Package: A sampler pack of salamis made with natural meats includes 8 ounces each of herb, black peppercorn, Milano, rosette Lyon, and hot sopressata

If you find yourself dining with a famous food critic while redeeming your Groupon, show him he’s no better than you by dropping any of these food descriptors into the conversation:

Appetizing:  A dish that is appealing to look at, smell, and feel
Well-Done:  A steak cooked so perfectly you offer to pay 60% above menu price
Handsome:  Primarily used to describe salads that have been arranged so that the topmost layer vaguely resembles the face of a man with no scars
Syrumptious:  A great-tasting dish that you imagine would have been even greater had it been soaked overnight in 100% pure maple syrup
Legvine:  Any dish that is both divine and traditionally eaten by shoveling it into your mouth with a turkey leg
Salty:  Tasting of salt, either because of the way the chef prepared it or from your steady stream of tears

Featured Merchant: Miami Auto Spa

Today’s featured merchant post is guest-authored by Merchant PR Coordinator, Tom M.:

An ambitious entrepreneur, Chris Peterson opened Miami Auto Spa in the heart of the recession.

“In Miami, people built restaurants and bars with their own money, the downtown economy collapsed, and they lost everything,” Peterson said. “I was determined to succeed.”

Chris decided to take advantage of a new advertising and marketing platform to help see his downtown Miami car wash through the turmoil of the recession.

“Once Groupon Miami launched in September 2009 I made the call to give it a try,” Peterson said. Chris ran Miami Auto Spa’s first deal in December of that year, selling more than 300 luxury hand washes.

Chris estimates that 90 percent of his Groupon customers upgrade to additional services, with his detailing customer base increasing at a rate of approximately 15-20 percent each year since partnering with Groupon.

Since 2009 Miami Auto Spa has run six Groupon deals, saving local consumers nearly $57,000 combined. Chris currently uses Groupon with the other businesses he owns and feels the platform is a beneficial relationship for small businesses.

Show Us Your Best Blues Brothers

Groupon is excited to screen Blues Brothers at Wrigley Field on July 6th and we’re offering you the chance to join us! Take a picture of yourself doing your best Blues Brothers impression and upload it to our Groupon Chicago Facebook page. Don’t have an authentic costume? Get creative! Two coffee mugs make for a great pair of sunglasses. That wallet can double as a fedora. Make a suit out of tissues on your lunch break!

We have bleacher or field box outfield seating to give away and we’ll pick winners at random. Click through to read the official rules. Good luck!

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Get Around Chicago with Groupon and the CTA

Getting around the city with ease depends on how you do it. Walking only gets you so far, Segways are required to travel in packs, and driving a car requires you to wear that cumbersome helmet. That’s why the train remains the most efficient mode of transportation for daily commuters and mustache-twiddling villains.

In an exciting new pairing, Groupon is joining forces with the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) to offer discounted 3-day passes. Starting soon, Chicago’s newest power couple will offer 250,000 passes $9—$5 off their normal retail price. This is Groupon’s first partnership with a U.S. Transit Agency, and we couldn’t be more excited about it launching in our home city!

The city of Chicago is hoping that this will reach new local customers and tourists and is “an innovative example of the government and business community working together,” according to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel.

The deal will be pulling into the station soon, so make sure you snag your CTA pass before your ride pulls away!

Celebrate Your Nation with Deals for Outdoor Festivities

If you’re ready to cash in summer Fridays on a Tuesday and your warm-weather uniform involves a BBQ-stained apron, these outdoor activity deals are the perfect fit for your 4th of July:

$25 for $50 Worth of Athletic Shoes and Apparel – Reebok’s products have been genetically engineered to enhance your athletic performance.

U.S. Flag Kit– An Old Glory flag—made in the U.S.A. with sewn stripes, embroidered stars, and durable construction

Gourmet Meat Grilling Packages – Omaha Steaks provides you with steaks, pork chops, chicken breasts, and hot dogs–everything you need to host a grill fest. You’ll just need to supply the locale and novelty bikini smock.

Intoxicase for the iPhone: A stainless-steel bottle opener embedded in polycarbonate case marries iPhone protection with convenient beverage access.

Another outdoor activity: Fireworks. Every year we celebrate patriotism by taking one of the most lethal and powerful substances on earth and launching it far above the heads of thousands of innocent onlookers. Keep from colliding with a flaming ball of matter by following these helpful hints:

  • Don’t let fireworks get away from you. Set them off in controlled, enclosed space, such as a barn or the dungeon of a government building.
  • Once you’ve lit a firework, stand back. You’re going to need space if you’re going to run after it and catch it before it can hurt anyone.
  • Teenagers love fire (their hormonal bodies feed off flames). Put all the teenagers you know in an unsupervised house where they can be safe together while you adults deal with the fireworks.
  • If a firework comes at you, fight it. You won’t benefit from playing dead because fireworks grow stronger when they see human suffering.
  • The only way to weaken a firework’s power is to celebrate your country’s triumphs and sing anthems of national pride with all your might.

Have a safe and fun holiday!



Blues Brothers at Wrigley Field

What could be better than an evening under a star dusted sky in the company of friends at one of Chicago’s most famous and historic venues, Wrigley Field? If that rhetorical question wasn’t enough to spark interest, what if you add viewing the classic and iconic Chicago film, Blues Brothers, while also wearing sunglasses? Groupon’s giving you such an opportunity.

Those who participate in this one-of-a-kind event, which is hosted as part of the larger Camp Groupon festivities, will be helping Groupon attempt to set a Guinness World Record for “Most People Wearing Sunglasses in the Dark” with their very own pair of souvenir sunglasses, courtesy of Groupon.

We’re offering a few ticket options to this exciting event:

  • Bleachers or field box outfield seats ($20)
  • Outfield lawn seats ($40)
  • A VIP package ($100), which includes outfield lawn seating and unlimited food and drinks at the Captain Morgan Club

Check out the footage from last year’s Ferris Bueller’s Day Off screening:

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Bike to Work Week 2012

It’s Bike to Work Week! Groupon participated again in Chicago’s annual Bike Commuter Challenge, a time to take to the streets and compete for bike-bragging rights. We can’t say for certain which team will officially win the challenge yet, but it’s been an invigorating week in the office rallying first-time cyclists and veteran two-wheeled commuters.

Parking was tight this week.

The Bike Commuter Challenge is run by the Active Transportation Alliance, a “non-profit advocacy organization that works throughout Chicagoland to improve conditions for bicycling, walking and transit while engaging people in healthy and active ways to get around.” With over 300 participants at Groupon so far, our team captains organized social gatherings, group ride-ins, and lunch outings to inspire employees to bike to work.

Custom Cap

Employees modeling new custom-designed cycling kits.

To spark the competitive spirit within the company, employees were pitted against other departments in the hopes of winning this highly sought after trophy. Prizes will be given out for longest single day commute, highest total miles over the week, Breakthrough Rider 2012, and Team MVP. This morning we finished the week with a celebratory group ride from Daley Plaza to Groupon’s headquarters. Bikes were decorated with homemade flags and cyclists were decked out in our signature green.

Group(on) Ride to Work

We posted a few more pictures from our group ride on our Facebook page and we’ll announce our Commuter Challenge standings here soon! Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Bike Commuter Challenge. We’ll see you in the bike lane!

Pet-Friendly Deals on Groupon

Groupon is celebrating man’s dominance over the animal kingdom with deals for pet owners. Whether they sleep at your feet or are lovingly called “Man’s Best Alarm Clock”, these pet-friendly deals cater to those with two to multiple sets of legs.

$19 for $50 Worth of Natural Remedies for Pets from PetAlive – PetAlive’s herb-based products are designed to treat an array of ailments, including cuts and scratches, digestion problems, oral health, and skin allergies.
16”x20” Gallery-Wrapped Retro Pet Art Canvas – ImageKind’s whimsical retro pet paintings blend classic pet portraiture with vintage-style advertising.
Majestic Pet Bagel Bed – Majestic Pet bagel beds swaddle sleeping critters with a polar-fleece base and a plush bolster designed for heavy, fuzzy heads
Canine Sports Apparel and Accessories from DoggieNation – DoggieNation lets canines of all breeds and sizes declare their collegiate and professional sports loyalties with an ample catalog of jerseys, collars, and leashes.

If you aren’t already an animal’s legal guardian, use this guide to make sure you’re picking the pet that best suits your personality:

Your Personality: You are steadfast, loyal, and true.

Your Ideal Pet: A dog

Your Personality: You are steadfast, loyal, and your body floats.

Your Ideal Pet: A fish

Your Personality: You are steadfast, loyal, and everyone hates you.

Your Ideal Pet: A cat

Your Personality: You are regal and honest, with clear eyes and a keen mind. You have the heart of a warrior, the brain of a child, and the arm muscles of a strong, old innkeeper. Many have tried, but only one has tamed you, and only that one can set you free.

Your Ideal Pet: A stallion

For more national and local pet deals, check out our full list HERE. What’s one product your pet can’t live without?




Featured Merchant: Maid to Please

Check out this awesome Groupon merchant success story from Sean Rashid, owner of Maid to Please cleaning (D.C., Northern Va., Montgomery County, Md., Baltimore and New York)

“As the owner of a full-service cleaning company, I made the decision to run our first daily deal back in 2010. Initially, we saw underwhelming results with this relatively newer advertising medium, but all of that changed when we started working with Groupon in Sept. 2011.

Working with Groupon has helped us grow revenue, exposed us to new customers, generated repeat business and even allowed us to open new offices with more on the way. In fact, we’ve hired more than a dozen extra staff members as a result of the business we’ve gained through Groupon.

Our initial Groupon deal was a $49 for one hour of housecleaning with a two-person crew (a $100 value). In addition, we offered higher packages of $79 for two hours of housecleaning (a $200 value) and $109 for three hours (a $300 value). While we were expecting to sell a few hundred, we ended up selling 1700!

I’ve found that I get a far greater return on my advertising investments by running deals through Groupon than I would say running a $150,000 30-second television spot during the local news or paying $10-$12 per click on Google search. At least with Groupon I’m only paying for those customers that actually redeem the deal, offering a far greater return on my investment.

I’ve wholeheartedly embraced Groupon as a way to continue to grow my business and keep customers coming back for more.”

– Sean Rashid, Maid to Please

Questions or comments for Sean?  Leave them below and we’ll be sure to send them his way.