A New, Vivid Experience with Groupon 2.0

Today we’re really excited to publicly announce v. 2.0 of Groupon’s mobile app for iPhone and Android!

If you’re not already mobile with Groupon, now’s the time — 2.0 boasts larger, more vivid photography for each deal and a simpler user experience, including carousel scrolling to replace the tabbed navigation in our previous app. Let your fingers casually wander by swiping and discover deals across all of our categories!

As always, you can buy a trip to Mexico via Groupon Getaways, pick up some earrings on Groupon Goods, or even access merchandised events like today’s tailgating deals or Groupon Rewards.

2.0 is available by visiting the iPhone App Store or the Android Marketplace. Or you can check out what Groupon’s mobile services have to offer here: www.groupon.com/mobile

While you’re waiting for the new version to download, take a look at some of the screen shots and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Let the Fun of Footbal Season Possess You

Tailgating season has arrived. As the leaves shift from summer to autumn hues and the Canadian geese head to Disney World, football-loving faces are adorned with grease paint, bodies are wrapped in team colors, and grills are transported from porches to automobile trunks. This week we’re featuring deals that will compliment any tailgating session this season:

Cuisinart Portable Tabletop Gas or Electric Grill – 145 square inches of grilling space and fold for easy toting and storage

Home-Brewing Equipment and Recipe Kits from Beer & Wine Hobby – Variety of home-brewing essentials, including fermenting equipment, recipe kits, and complete brewing packages

$19 for iHip NFL Slim Portable Speaker with Remote – Lightweight portable speaker branded with NFL team logo

Turfer Waterproof Tailgate Blanket – The waterproof picnic blanket protects outdoor diners from getting damp with dew, smudgy from grass, or bound up by Lilliputians.

Three or Four GrillGrates with The Grate Tool – Winner of the National Barbecue Association 2010 Cooking Accessories Award of Excellence

While you’re tailgating, huddled around an open fire, dipping raw hamburger meat into the flames with a radio antenna you removed from someone’s car, support your team with the gear that has arrived just in time for the 2012 football season:

  • Team-graphic-emblazoned hamburger cozy
  • Oven mitt that looks like your favorite player’s hand
  • Team tent for the fans who spend the entire season living in the team’s parking lot
  • Drink Your Teamz™—a dissolvable pill that turns clear drinking water into a hazy liquid that is both a shade of your favorite team’s color and relatively nontoxic
  • Jersey customized where last name is “First Kiss At” and the number is “37”

Don’t forget to check out all the other tailgating-centric deals HERE and have a safe, celebratory time in your teams’ respected parking lots.

Groupon Guide Memory Lane

A favorite from the archives—The Groupon Guide to: Christmas Presents

Sometimes the ultimate Christmas present is giving someone the ultimate Christmas laugh by playing the ultimate Christmas prank: the Gift of the Magi. Little did writer O. Henry know when he unleashed this classic ironic switcheroo that it would become the holiday practical joke for the ages. Here is the guide to achieving this classic Christmas gag:

  •  If your spouse sells her hair to buy you a watch fob, then sell your watch to get her a speaking engagement at the Beautiful Hair Awards. You’ve been Magi’d
  • If your spouse sells his car to buy you a diamond ring, then sell your fingers to buy an oak barrel full of gasoline. You’ve been Magi’d
  • If your spouse sells her grandmother’s antique brooch to buy you a PlayStation, then sell your TV to buy her a rare black-and-white photograph of her grandmother as a young girl clasping her brooch as she flees the Communists. Did somebody say Magi’d?
  •  If your spouse sells his soul to buy you a singing career, then sell the rights to your hit single to buy him the completeChicken Soup for the Soul. Paging Dr. Magi’d
  • If your spouse sells her 10,000 spoons to buy you a knife, sell your knife holder to buy her 10,000 copies of Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill. Anfernee Hardaway goes up for a slam dunk, another two points on the board for the Orlando Magi’d

The Pet Mumbler

Luckily you don’t have to have opposable thumbs to purchase all the pet deals we’re featuring on Groupon this week. To help showcase the deals, we were lucky enough to get four-legged animal tips from a popular two-legged celebrity:

The Pet Mumbler™’s Tips for Training Your Pet

If pets were humans, they’d be the dumbest, rudest people on earth. Get your pet into a more presentable state of mind with these tips, straight from me—Jim Vault, The Pet Mumbler™.

  • If your parrot tries to escape from its cage, put it in a small, bare room and shine a little light bulb in its eyes. Ask where it was planning to go. When it undoubtedly says the name of a cool, tropical island, remind the bird that it’s from a pet shop and it can go back to one, too, if it doesn’t change its attitude.

  • If your dog talks over you with boring, uninformative barks, hold his face close to yours and remind him that you have a very useful and interesting degree in fertility counseling, which makes _you_ the most fascinating man in the room. Show him that you are not a man who can be easily silenced.
  • If your cat is clawing everything in your house to shreds, accept it. This is what happens to a man who chooses the company of animals over the companionship of humans. This is his fate.

If you liked those tips, don’t forget to watch my show Thursdays at 11 p.m. on The Earth World Channel!

Featured Merchant: Brickell Cosmetic Center

Today’s post is guest authored by Stacey Caplan, Public Relations Intern:

When husband and wife team Ernesto Cowley and Julie Pernas decided to open their own business in Miami a year and a half ago, they were looking for a way to get their name out and attract new customers. They decided to partner with Groupon to accomplish this, and now, according to Julie, they don’t want to use anything else besides Groupon to generate more business. “I can’t even compare the scale of Groupon’s reach to other marketing tools,” she said. Brickell Cosmetic Center and Spa now considers Groupon their primary marketing outlet.

Since their first deal ran in June of 2011, the Miami business has run 7 deals and has sold over 2000 Groupons. “Our business has increased across the board since we started working with Groupon. The customers that buy our deals typically spend more than what the deal requires, “ Julie said.

Brickell also offers deals on Groupon Now, which attracts customers that want to use their services at slow periods during the day. They are even in the process of setting up Groupon Rewards to encourage their customers to continue using their services after they have a positive Groupon experience.

Julie believes that Groupon has helped her business generate many quality new customers, and that is why they continue to run more deals. “I have no complaints, Groupon is great!” she says.

Hawaiian Honeymoon

Today’s post is guest-authored by Lynne Dearborn, Public Relations Intern:

After a whirlwind of a wedding planning and celebration, honeymoons are relaxing, indulgent vacations newlyweds take to soak in new-found marital bliss as well as sandy beaches and salty ocean breezes.

Sadly, Marisa and her husband did not get the chance for a holiday after their wedding. But when she appeared on The Ellen Show and became a winning contestant on a contest entitled “This is Coconuts”, the prize would provide her with the honeymoon she and her husband deserve–the couple are proud parents of five, yes five, children. Groupon Getaways and The Ellen Show partnered to deliver a seven-night stay in an ocean front suite at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel on the Kohala Coast in Hawaii.

“We feel so thankful and blessed to have won this trip. Our stay was wonderful, the resort was beautiful and the people were so friendly. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and getting us the best place…Thank you to Groupon for offering such fabulous trips, services and fun stuff.”

We are so excited that we could provide a honeymoon vacation to you, Marissa, even if it is a little late!




Groupon’s “Best Of” Deals

Groupon has grown from a deal a day to a site that features countless exciting products, experiences, and destinations for customers. It’s hard to pick a favorite, so we’re releasing a collection of the best deals we’ve ever run. Here are just a few:

To celebrate these “best of” deals, we thought we’d let you know about some other things that won a spot on our “best of” list:

Best Haircut: Wig

Best Dog: None

Best Horse: All

Best Car: Whatever will get me out of this town

Best Food: A bunch of baby carrots realistically carved to look like human babies so that they finally make sense

Best Crime: Stealing your twin brother’s identity so that he is the one who has to work at the famous art museum and you can finally have his job checking on dumpsters to make sure they’re nice and full

Check out more of our featured deals here: Which deal makes your “best of” list?

Summer Intern Farewell

Today’s post is guest authored by Stacey Caplan, Public Relations Intern:

August: The time of year when we savor our last days of lounging at the beach, start counting down the days until our favorite football team’s first game, and packing up our back to school supplies. But at Groupon, August also is the month when the summer internship program will come to an end and over 100 undergraduate and graduate student interns will return to top-notch schools all around the country. As Groupon parts ways with its 2012 summer interns, here are some snippets about some of their experiences.

“As a part of this team, I have the opportunity to go out to the Bay Area for two weeks to work with our engineers as we shape the consumer experience of this new business line that will play a major role in the future of the company.” –Edy, Wharton MBA, University of Pennsylvania

“From what I can tell, Groupon is comfortable in the spotlight of a large stage, efficiently delivering personalized, professional solutions to a wide audience. But it doesn’t have to wear a starched white oxford to do it.”- Killian, University of Notre Dame

“At Groupon, everyone’s a valued member.  I have been given an incredible amount of ownership and leeway to make the tough calls.  If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to make an impact, Groupon is the place to be.” – Casper, Duke University MBA

“I’m stoked that the stuff I’ve been working on is actually being used internally to improve our day-to-day operations.  Also, I’m pretty excited for lunch every day. My fellow interns and I are on track to eat at basically every single restaurant in northern California at least once at the rate we’re going, which is always a great way to take a break in the middle of the day.” – Evan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

And me? As a rising undergraduate senior at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, the world I know is data analysis, strategic case studies, and excel spreadsheets. Interning in Groupon’s Global Communications Department took me out of my comfort zone and showed me a new side of a company I hadn’t been exposed to before in class or prior job/internship experiences. I have observed my team use new terminology, perform new tasks, and work in a new organizational culture than I am used to. As I head back to my beloved maize and blue wonderland in Ann Arbor for my last year, I enter with new perspective on business, the tech industry, and the corporate world.

For more insight into life as a Groupon intern, check out The Groupon People Blog

The Easiest Way to Earn Rewards

Tired of lugging around punch cards, checking in, or swearing an oath of allegiance to your barista just to earn an extra cup of coffee? Now there’s an easier loyalty program that lets you unlock rewards by simply making purchases at your favorite local businesses with the credit card you already carry. It’s called Groupon Rewards and it’s growing fast – More than 1.5 million people are already on board!

After sowing, watering, and throwing a company-wide pep rally for the seeds earlier this year, we’ve watched like a proud plant-parent as Groupon Rewards has taken root in more than 35 cities, with plans to branch out to an additional 10 markets by the end of August. Along the way, an impressive roster of merchant partners has signed on to the program, including a wealth of well-known names and blockbuster businesses, such as:

It’s especially easy to find them all when you download the Groupon mobile app—just swipe over to the Rewards tab on your iOS or Android device. You can browse participating businesses near you, track your progress toward your next reward, and redeem rewards you’ve already unlocked, all from your mobile device.

Visit Groupon Rewards to find your favorite businesses and start earning rewards today!

Sleuth House

Recently, when looking around the Groupon attic for completely normal reasons, we stumbled upon our old edition of popular affluent whodunit (“affludunit”) board game, Sleuth House.

As we perused the game board’s crazy, spooky rooms like the bedroom or the hunting preserve, we realized it was the perfect way to showcase our favorite Groupon deals for the home.

The game is hours of horrifying fun for the whole family, but don’t take our word for it, take these from the back of the box:

From the morbid minds at Gristle/Blenderman games, Sleuth House is a gruesome mystery that’s murderous fun for the whole family, from the suspicious to the suspicious at heart. Thrill as you and your children eye the colorful suspects and wonder of what dark, horrific deeds they are capable. Laugh as you and your loved ones deduce the weapon used in the crime, be it an antique gun or the brutally inefficient golf cleats. It’s spooky fun for kids aged 6 and up as they explore the perversely decadent palace of a now-dead socialite. Because at Sleuth House, intrigue is always on the menu.